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How to Draw Rapunzel

How to Draw Rapunzel. Some fairy tales and classics have delighted children worldwide for generations. Of all these stories, some are more famous than others, and Rapunzel’s story is one of the best-known.

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This story has been featured in many books and reimaginings and has seen quite a few film adaptations by studios like Disney. With so many fans worldwide, many people would love to learn how to draw Rapunzel for themselves to Draw Rapunzel.

How to Draw Rapunzel

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw Rapunzel, we’ll start with her head and hair. This will be a fairly detailed drawing, so it may be wise to use a pencil first and follow the reference image very closely.

Its eyes are large and round with large pupils inside. Therefore, her face is rounded off with simple fine lines for the mouth and nose. Then we will start drawing her thick hair, which will be in different sections.

Step 2

We’ll draw the second arm and lengthen the hair in this second part of your Rapunzel design. His arm is bent at the elbow, so his forearm is raised with his hand under his face.

Then you can draw small, irregular lines for the collar of her dress. Finally, she uses slightly curved lines to continue her long hair to Draw Rapunzel.

Step 3

There will be a lot of details on how to draw Rapunzel in the next steps of this guide, so make sure to do it slowly and have fun! First, we’ll use curved lines for her dress’s shoulder.

Then you can frame her bust and waist with intricate details that go to the center for the cord she used to tie the dress. It might seem a little complicated, but if you refer to the sample image, you won’t have a problem!

Step 4

You’re making great progress on this Rapunzel drawing! For this step, we will concentrate on the other arm. Use some slightly curved lines going down.

You can draw the other arm out of the shoulder of the dress you drew earlier. With your arm drawn, you’re ready for step 5 to Draw Rapunzel!

Step 5

Time to design the rest of the dress in this fifth step of our guide to drawing Rapunzel. The dress is designed with many curved lines going down and connecting. Let’s Latest Discuss now.

This will help pull back the flow of the fabric and give it a more dynamic look. So once you’re done with the dress, the next few steps are all we own to count a few final touches before coloring your design.

Step 6

One of the most famous attributes of this character is her long hair, and we will finish it in this step of your Rapunzel drawing.

To do this, we use sharp curved lines that run across her hair and to her feet. It’s that simple, and you are now ready for Step 7 to Draw Rapunzel!

Step 7

It’s almost time to color this picture, but we have some final drawing aspects in this step of our how-to-draw Rapunzel guide. First, you can use a few more irregular lines at the base of her dress to complete the hemline. Then you can tuck her feet under the base of the dress to complete it.

Draw Rapunzel

This is enough for our details, but feel free to add a few if you like! You could design a background to show your favorite scene from the movie. You can also search for other characters from the story that you like and draw them alongside Rapunzel.

Step 8

This brings you to the decisive step of your Rapunzel illustration. You can have fun adding amazing colors to your photo in this part! In our example, we showed you how she looked in the movie, and for this, we used beautiful shades of yellow for her blonde hair with a pink color scheme for her dress.

Rapunzel Drawing

You can use this image as a reference for your colors, but you can also adjust the paint method to your favorite colors if you prefer! If you want the colors to be nice and bright, you can use mediums like colored pencils and acrylic paints for some examples.

Your Rapunzel Drawing is Finished!

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