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An Interview with Betty Wang: Financial Wellness For Women 2023

Interview with Betty Wang, Betty Wang was always interested in personal finances and wealth growth because she didn’t grow up with money. She obtained business experience in a management programme at Northern Trust’s corporate headquarters in Chicago after graduating from college with a degree in finance. Betty worked with institutional customers for most of her career at Dodge & Cox in San Francisco, where she was elevated to the positions of Vice President and Shareholder. She quit her job and left San Francisco to become a stay-at-home mom since her child had health problems. She worked as a consultant for a hedge fund and private equity business when her youngest started kindergarten. Then, Betty launched her financial planning firm in 2018 with a focus on women and homes led by women.

Interview with Betty Wang

I have a tonne of questions for a financial expert to answer when it comes to money. Although I have a bachelor’s degree in finance and have worked in the financial sector for a while, I feel like I have only begun to scratch the surface of knowledge when it comes to money, investing, and everything else connected to wealth. You can only imagine how excited I was to get the chance to speak with Betty Wang to learn more about her life story, discover how to work with a Certified Financial Planner and gain her perspective on how women may attain financial wellness.

What Made You Decide To Start Your Own Wealth Management Company?

I’m a hesitant business owner. Before concluding it would be ideal for me to start my own wealth management company, I consulted with other companies. There were a few things that I was unwilling to negotiate:


I required control over my job schedule because I had small children who had bothersomely unexpected health conditions. I frequently visited their schools. I was the school nurse’s continuous on-call.

I also desired to work from home and visit the workplace just when necessary. Because the thought of putting on makeup and buttoned trousers every day sounded awful after years of being a stay-at-home mom.

No sales. Period.

Knowing myself, I understood that I could only advise customers to take certain steps or make certain investments if I was certain that this was the best course of action for them. I wanted to be a client’s strongest supporter and a dependable financial advisor who could help her utilize her money as a tool to build the life she desired. When you worked for a company that paid you to advertise and sell its products, I thought that position became too ambiguous. I was also very certain that I would be a sales disaster!

Female Focused

I choose to focus on women for a variety of reasons. I had heard far too many stories of women being sold investments that weren’t suitable for them, so that was the main factor. There are far too many accounts of women who asked intelligent inquiries that merited answers and were treated like idiots by male financial advisors. I wanted to build a tiny universe where women might feel accepted and heard. She needed a place where she could get advice and encouragement rather than criticism and contempt. 

I hoped and still do that women will stop telling themselves, “I’m bad with money.” starting to say, “I’m learning about money. I’m becoming better at money!”

A Seat at the Table

I was well aware that by adding an Asian woman’s face to their company’s profile page, I could contribute to diversity as a woman who has worked in a white male-dominated field for more than 20 years. Cringe. I also understood that I had a tonne of experience and had made a lot of sacrifices. My professional development should not be constrained by the old boys club, thus I wanted to work in a setting where my viewpoint would be respected.

Surprisingly, a few businesses claimed they could provide me with all of these items. But I had a feeling they were lying. BW Financial Planning was established in this manner.

What Motivation Can You Give A Woman Who Wants To Take Control Of Her Financial Health If She Feels Overwhelmed To Start? 

You’re not by yourself! Your brain is being catastrophized by your inner critic. Everyone has a beginning. Be kind to yourself. Do one little, little thing. Perhaps it is logging into your trading account. Or perhaps you’re beginning to read financial articles on lifestyle websites. It’s a simple approach to start getting noticed!

Take free financial literacy courses tailored to women like Clever Girl Finance and Savvy Ladies that you can do in the comfort of your own home if you feel up to it.

Women who are overwhelmed should get assistance.

Completely overburdened women should seek help.

Having a reliable financial advisor and resources can help. You can pose inquiries that are specifically relevant to your circumstance. Women frequently question whether the knowledge they just learned applies to them or not after reading blogs and taking workshops. Finding a female adviser that welcomes and responds to your inquiries, as many times as you need, is crucial for women.

Which Books on Personal Finance Would You Recommend?

Your Money or Your Life

The Behavior Gap

Simple Path to Wealth

The Psychology of Money

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