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Is It Harmful to Buy Active YouTube Subscribers?

“Should I buy YouTube subscribers?” is a common question from creators trying to grow a YouTube viewership. If you purchase active YouTube subscribers in a unified marketing strategy, it is possible to increase your audience faster if you are cautiously buying them.

39.4 percent of users on social media within the U.S. expected their YouTube usage to increase in the coming months while being in their homes. Additionally, the top 10 YouTubers made 30% more revenues from June of this year until June of 2020, in comparison to the year before. With more people setting up with their own YouTube channels, more videos are uploaded every minute and increased competitors for subscribers. 2021 was a fantastic year for YouTube as users used videos to substitute for in-person events or initiatives.

They are also nearly three times more likely to watch a YouTube tutorial video than following the product’s manual. More than 38 million YouTube channels have been made. More than 230,000 YouTube channels boast greater than 100,000 subscribers. More than 22,000 YouTube channels are home to more than one million subscribers, and 700 YouTube channels have more than 10 million subscribers.

YouTube channels with a huge subscriber base may even make money from advertisements. Additionally, influencers and businesses can convert potential subscribers to leads by engaging them via the number of subscribers and appealing calls-to-actions. YouTube is among the most effective platforms in the world of video-sharing websites. This year, online videos will comprise 79% of the traffic on the internet. In addition, more than 80.000 YouTube Gaming creators reached 100,000 subscribers, more than 1,000 gaming creators reached five million subscribers, and more than 350 gaming creators have reached 10.3 million subscribers!

Additionally, buying YouTube subscribers is a new trend that produces positive results for the brand’s recognition. YouTube is the top destination for users in the United States, India, and Japan. And the top genres watched by YouTube customers are comedy (77%), followed by thriller/crime/mystery (60%). Each niche is overflowing with channels. So, those who are more concerned about beating their competitors also concentrate on increasing channels views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

Benefits and drawbacks of buying YouTube Subscribers


  • Your channel will begin to attract more natural subscribers by purchasing organic YouTube subscriptions will allow you to acquire more subscribers quickly. The bandwagon phenomenon, or “social proof,” is an actual mechanism–individuals are more likely to hit the ‘Subscribe’ button if they see that you previously have hundreds or thousands of other subscribers. Subscribers are the primary indicator of a channel’s expansion. A well-subscribed channel is more recognizable and preferred among its targeted viewers. Paid subscribers could be the most important factor to a successful YouTube channel as it can influence the most potential subscribers and influencers, advertisers, and others.
  • Recognition in your niche Purchase real subscribers to boost visibility, recognisability, discoverability, and become an expert in your field. Paying subscribers are the key ingredient that will allow you to become an expert-level creator-supervisor. This will enable you to connect with professionals and seek out opportunities by establishing an influential channel within your area of expertise. With the idea of organizing your channel into an interactive structure with many views, comments, shares, and subscriptions, you’ll be an outstanding player within your field. The purchase of YouTube comments can also provide you with an advantage.
  •  Improves the speed of view- The most essential YouTube search algorithm measures is the view speed or the number of subscribers who watch your video shortly after it’s live. The more subscribers you have and the more engaged they are, the more developed the view speed will be.
  • Increases engagement – Purchase YouTube subscribers to boost your organic engagement percentage regarding likes, comments, and suggestions from active and legitimate YouTubers. When paid subscribers begin to promote your content and attract a potential audience, you want to engage with you more. The permanent subscribers who will never be deleted are a valuable asset to your channel over time and increase your confidence. They can also assist you in developing communities on the internet, as YouTube viewers can build extremely powerful social media communities online with which you can interact.
  • A more specific audience who view your content frequently is more likely to view the videos you have posted to them. To ensure that you get your content in front of more people and be regularly suggested, you should ensure that you have many subscribers. If your subscribers view your content regularly, they will give you more view time and views, which will help your videos to be successful with your YouTube algorithm. YouTube grows every day, and with each new video uploaded and uploaded, the chances of being found a decrease. The purchase of YouTube likes can help you increase your numbers so that larger people can view your videos.


You need to be careful when buying YouTube subscribers because numerous scam companies are just seeking to make a quick profit. These companies don’t provide what they claim and have joined the trend of social media’s evolution. When you buy YouTube subscribers from these sites that sell bots, you’ll end up in serious trouble.

  • Your channel could be removed from YouTube It is possible to be banned from YouTube. YouTube does not like fake subscribers and could penalize channels when they believe certain subscribers are bots and not real individuals. In certain instances, if you acquire an excessive amount of new subscribers in a short time, they may also block your account, requiring the user to begin again after you have compensated to create the account. In August of this year, YouTube started circumnavigating subscriber counts instead of giving precise numbers. This irked some well-known YouTubers who were fond of tracking their popularity about other YouTubers by revealing numbers.
  • Many creators quit producing engaging content by purchasing subscribers works best if you consistently produce quality videos frequently, which encourages new subscribers to engage with your quality content.
  • Watch time is generally lower. If you purchase bots as fake YouTube subscribers, you are breaking the rules and regulations of YouTube because bots can’t view your videos to earn watch time. Consequently, your YouTube channel will receive lower watch times, which can affect the position of your channel’s videos, too. You have to purchase real YouTube subscribers who will watch your videos and offer you the first up to 4000 watch hours to monetize your channel by leveraging Google AdSense or YouTube ads.
  • Low engagement- The subscriber count is only a fraction of the YouTube Search algorithm metrics. Engage and views are also crucial, and you might consider buying them too. Your engagement rate is reduced due to bots not interacting with users in terms number of likes, comments, and shares. Videos that have minimal user engagement cannot rank well in search results. They also don’t include related or recommended videos and trending videos on YouTube, which means they lose an enormous audience and appreciation.
  • The reputation of your channel is damaged. Fake subscribers or bots do not provide you with time to watch, engagements, or rankings and, consequently, make your channel appear to be a victim of the algorithm. This can further damage the goodwill and reputation you have earned for your YouTube channel and may result in a devastating shut-down.


You should purchase real and genuine YouTube subscribers that are authentic and get 100% secure, safe real, and long-lasting subscribers with the highest retention rates. Some businesses can sympathize with you and have developed services that can help you grow the number of YouTube subscribers you’ll need. If you buy YouTube subscribers, you’ll receive many benefits to compete with the intense competitors. According to YouTube, “We believe that engagement is legitimate when the main goal is to engage in authentically the content. We consider engagement legitimate, for instance, it is based on coercion or deceit or if the primary motive behind the engagement is financial gain.”

Expand your reach today with YouTube.

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