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Learn How To Freely Convert an Image to an Embroidery File

What should you do if you want an embroidery design in a completely different file format?

Of course, convert it!

Fortunately, switching from one embroidery machine file format to another is usually straightforward.

And there are a plethora of free embroidery file format converters! Check out my top 5 picks below.

PNG to embroidery file conversion

Changing Machine Files vs. Converting Image Files

Before you get too excited about how simple it is to convert files, it’s critical to understand what you can and cannot convert.

Converting a picture file (.jpg, gif,.bmp,.png, etc.) to an embroidery file is not possible with standard embroidery file conversion software. The reasoning is that because image files do not contain sew data, embroidery machines must be forced to work.

You’ll want an embroidery digitising programme or a high-end embroidery machine with onscreen auto-digitizing and redaction capabilities to convert image files.

As a result, this text focuses on dynamical embroidery files from one type to another for Vector Art Services rather than changing footage to embroidery files.

Machine Embroidery File Types

Furthermore, not all embroidery files are created equal, and converting from one type of file to a different will not always yield good results.

Now, here’s a quick rundown of embroidery file format variations so you can understand the limitations.

Native Files 

Native Files  EMB (Wilcom), ART (Bernina), and Jan are some examples (Janome).

These style files contain the most detailed style data of any file type and can be scaled without losing style integrity and regenerate to another format without data loss.

However, because most embroidery machines cannot scan native style files, you must first convert or export the file.

Machine Data

Machine embroidery file formats are unique to various brands of embroidery machines. JEF, PES, HUS, and XXX for Janome, Brother, Husqvarna, and Singer, respectively.

Machine files are less data-rich than native files because they lack object information. As a result, the proportion scaling you’ll be able to do with your software package is restricted.

Now, you’ll convert machine files from one format to another (for example, from a JEF file to a PES file), but you’ll be able to see the progress. If you have a native file format for a style, prefer|favor|choose to convert this sort for more consistent results.

Changing a machine file to the more complicated native file type is also not recommended. Your software programme may intend to recreate the item properties, but you will not have as much control over a style regenerate to a native file as you would a style created initially in an extremely native file format.

A Reminder About DST Files

DST files (Data sew Tajima) are a new file format that the majority embroidery machines will scan. They are even simpler than machine files and do not include thread colour data.

You can convert a DST file to a machine-specific file if you want, but the machine file will still lack colour data.

FREE Embroidery Machine File Converters

When I mention machine embroidery file format conversion from now on, I’m referring to the process of converting one embroidery file format to another. Essentially, saving an already created embroidery get in a distinct file format with a distinct extension.

If you already have embroidery digitising software, you should be able to easily convert files or save newly created styles in a variety of formats.

However, if you don’t have software, have accidentally purchased the incorrect format of an embroidery style, or wish to convert to additional embroidery file formats than your software package supports, free embroidery file format converters on-line that you simply will use to urge the correct file format.

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