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Top 7 Light Box Review

Do you want to grab your visitor’s attention right away? Light Box Review popups allow you to display highly targeted messages to your users at the right time.

The benefit of using a lightbox plugin is that it assists people in making decisions by reducing distractions. But, with hundreds of plugins and tools available, how do you know which to use?

We’ll show you the best WordPress lightbox plugins in this article. You can use any of them to make appealing popups, Light Box Review.


In WordPress, a lightbox is a type of web form or popup that can appear on any of your pages. It blurs or darkens the background when it appears on your screen.

As a result, the lightbox popup stands out and eliminates distractions for users, allowing them to focus on your message.

Lightbox popups are popular for displaying images because they give your portfolio a professional appearance. Not only that, but it also helps to focus your visitor’s attention.

A lightbox can be used for much more than just displaying images

To begin, you can create a gallery of your eCommerce products to increase sales. You can also use it to market your ebook, offer a discount, or provide a PDF file for download while collecting emails and driving conversions.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress lightbox plugins…


OptinMonster is the best WordPress lightbox popup plugin available right now. Not only that, but it’s a complete lead generation, email list growth, and conversion rate booster.

You can create stunning lightbox popups for your WordPress site using the OptinMonster lightbox popup feature. To get started, you can choose from a variety of pre-built themes and then customise them.

What distinguishes OptinMonster from other plugins is its use of smart rules to trigger the lightbox popup. You can display the popup based on the user’s geolocation, device usage, or on a specific page.

Another cool OptinMonster feature is the ability to display your lightbox at exit-intent. So, if a user is about to leave your website without purchasing something, you can show the popup and possibly offer a discount. This reduces abandoned carts while increasing sales.

Consider Crush Empire, which used OptinMonster to generate 460 sales and convert 26% of its visitors in one year.

OptinMonster also has the following features: • A simple drag-and-drop builder • Mobile friendly popups • Over 26 animations and sound effects for grabbing user attention • Create your own design without coding using Canvas • Multiple trigger options

Beautiful pre-built templates • Integration with popular platforms • Detailed campaign reports and analytics

Pricing: The basic plan at OptinMonster costs $9 per month (billed annually). If you want more features, you can upgrade to their Pro ($29/month) or Growth ($49/month) plans.

Easy Lightbox

The following lightbox popup plugin on our list is Simple Lightbox. It’s ideal if you want a clean and minimalist design.

Simple Lightbox allows you to create lightbox popups in minutes, customise them to your needs, and add them to your WordPress website. You can enable the lightbox feature on various posts, pages, menus, categories, the homepage, and other places.

You can also use Simple Lightbox to create slideshows and add transitions, animations, and control the speed of the popup overlay.

Simple Lightbox has the following extra features:

Light box themes that can be customized

 Mobile responsive themes

Automatically activate links

 Choose between light and dark designs

 Use keyboard navigation

Supports links in widgets and WordPress image attachments

Simple Lightbox is a no-cost WordPress lightbox plugin.

Lightbox and Gallery Responsive

Factory’s Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin. The plugin is very popular among WordPress gallery and light box users, owing to its simplicity. Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to create any type of lightbox popup, and it even works with Visual Composer to unlock additional customization features Light Box Review.

It enables you to use galleries to display images, videos, and products from your eCommerce store. Furthermore, the plugin was designed with SEO in mind, as it is lightweight and fast. While the free version provides a lot of functionality, you can upgrade to its premium extensions. Photo and art bundle, justified gallery, slider gallery, and other features are available. The following are some key features of Responsive Lightbox & Gallery.

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