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Nag Tibba’s journey

Assuming you see Sunrise and Sunset reliably, that proposes you are the most fortunate individual” and today later apparently perpetually layout I saw that amazing perspective on the dawn from the Nag Tibba. I was depleted and starving in any case it was a phenomenally little expense for this sublime depiction of nature. We were laying on the grass, watching the undeniable blue sky, and getting a charge out of the quietness of that spot.

How we show up?

Pester Tiibba’s excursion was reliably on my rundown of should-dos when I heard it strangely ultimately, I got that chance to pull it out. One of my associates asked Would you get a kick out of the opportunity to oblige us for Nag Tibba Trekking? I perceive the proposition without allowance to a limit.

For this Nag Tibba trip, we were three and amped up. We were collected for making courses of action and immediately, we picked the date, time, and fixed the whole schedule for the impending week’s end. The following several days we finished all our squeezing and on a Thursday night, we left for Uttarakhand.

Our first principle stop is Dehradun to get to Nag Tibba. It is totally connected to all vehicle techniques. Transportation, rail, and travel from Delhi are likewise conceivable.

Road – It will take roughly 6 to 7 hours to arrive at Dehradun assuming that you travel by transportation or taxi.

Rail – Railways are likewise available consistently and supplant areas from Delhi to Dehradun. You can pick it as indicated by your housing.

Air – This is the best option for you in the event that you really want to take an air knowledge or to decrease time. Chipper Grant Airport Dehradun takes between 45-an hour.


In the underlying section of the day at 4:15, we displayed at the Dehradun transport stand yet before we considered our following stage, a tempest invited us to Dehradun. I don’t contemplate you anyway I’m inclined toward problematic storm and tea. Besides, without consuming any time, we head towards the tea delayed down. Tasting some tea while watching showering and lots of silly talk with associates is reliably a grand time for me. Following taking light bites, we were ready to move to our next stop which was Pantwari town, and luckily, the deluge similarly ended. To get any open vehicle/transport for Pantwari you need to at first visit Mussoorie station and beginning there, you’ll get the vehicle for Pantwari. Notwithstanding, we booked a taxi plainly to Pantwari Village rather than going to Mussoorie – > Naina Bagh town

At 5:30 we head towards the Pantwari Village. It was a wonderful morning where the sun had not yet showed up, the breeze was streaming, which opened our sluggish eyes and presented the oddity of this spot. We abandoned the Dehradun. Here the road was smooth and the window showed the changing shades of the scene. One side with long pine trees and the contrary side shows the yellowish fields where people are working. 

At 9:30 we started our excursion and one of my sidekicks drove us from the front since he visited there beforehand and had an unrivaled idea viewing the course instead of us. We didn’t involve an aide consequently. Nonetheless, guarantee expecting you are visiting strangely, you should utilize an aide.

For what reason am I saying this?

Annoy Tibba Trek is 8-9 km long which is overflowing with invigorating twists in the street, which go through the thick woodlands. Especially in winter when the whole domain will be covered with a front of snow, by then it is extremely difficult to find and be on the right way. In addition, your one wrong development takes you to where nobody should be stuck which is stacked with wild creatures.

We were moving to our central command anyway our speed was exceptionally dormant because of all our outside stuff. It was exceptionally hard anyway we were animated and following 5 hours of the outing, we showed up at Nag Temple and we decided to set up a campground near Nag Temple. Trouble Temple is 1 km before the Nag Tibba top which is committed to Nag Devta. Close by local people have Great trust in Nag Devta. There is also a water source near the asylum which you can use if you run out of water. Be that as it may, water isn’t uncommonly great so guarantee you bubble it or use chlorine tablets before usage.

Annoy Tibba Trek: Enjoy Serene Beauty and Mesmeric Views in the Abode of Serpent God – Adventure Nation Blog


How much of the time do you get a chance to stir with the twittering of birds and the viewpoint on the sparkling Himalayas? Potentially not a lot. Early that day was dazzling for us. We woke up at 4:45 and decided to head towards the Nag Tibba Summit for getting the brilliant dusk see. We pass on the work. I was helping my buddy in squeezing tents and another sidekick making tea for us. It required an aggregate of 15 minutes to pack all our stuff. We poured the tea in a vacuum carafe and decided to see the value in it at the most elevated point with a sunrise see.

At 5:02 we start the excursion to the perfection. The way was going more limit and more limit later every single movement. Fortunately, we finally saw a couple of pennants waving perceptible for what it’s worth. We saw each other countenances with an insidious smile and without saying a single word, we hustled to show up at the top first. For sure, it sounds silly yet it was a fundamental chuckle for us. All were absolutely out of unwinding. It was to some degree an outing anyway trust me, when you reach there you will neglect to recollect each and every progression that you took.

There were at this point 3-4 minutes in the day break. We could see the beautiful Himalayan apexes like Nanda Devi, Bunderpunch, Chaukhamba, etc and for a considerable length of time, we saw the sublime first light from Nag Tibba.

Ultimately, there was an optimal chance to get back. This trip was for no specific explanation, in any case, it’s connected to making new experiences, knowing our ability, and extending our limits.

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