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Three Reasons to Study Al Fatiha and learn Online Quran Tuition

We are all aware of the tremendous benefits of learning the Online Quran Tuition in its entirety, reciting it, and then meditating on it. However, it is critical to remember the obvious since “the reminder benefits the believers Online Quran Tuition.


This was mentioned by the Prophet:


“Whoever speaks the Quran skillfully will be with the noble and devoted Angels, and whoever recites it with difficulty and stammering will be blessed with two rewards.”


The most well-known sura is the Al Fatiha Sura


The study of Al Fatiha has its own set of advantages. Sura Al Fatiha is, in reality, the most renowned of the Koran’s many sections. In the same way that the Throne Verse is one of the most well-known verses, the sura Al Fatiha is nothing more than the most well-known of the suras. Mastering La Fatiha is significantly more crucial.

Allah (Exalted be He) declares in His Book (in the sense most closely related to this verse):

We have unquestionably given you seven verses that are repeated, as well as the most sublime quran. To separate Surah Al Fatiha’s value from other suras in the Quran.

Sura The Fatiha chapter is simply the most significant verse in the Quran, commencing with the first of its seven verses, which have words of 25 and 113 characters. No prophet has been given by Allah Most High.

According to Abu Hoorayra (may Allah be pleased with his piety), the Prophet once said:

Allah has not disclosed an identical sura to this one in the Torah, the Bible, the Psalms, or anyplace in the Koran.” She is the Qur’an’s mother (Umm Al-Qur’an). The seven verses are repeated, and she is divided into two halves, one for Allah and one for His servant. (Narrated by Al-Tirmidhi as well as al-Nasaa’i).

In reality, there is no legitimate prayer that does not include Al Fatiha, whether it is a necessary or supererogatory prayer, because Al Fatiha is also considered as:

As-Salat (prayer) is one of the various titles given to the sura by prophets. He stated,

“Allah responded, “I have separated the prayer into two parts: one for Me and one for My Servant, and My Servant will be able to answer what he asks.” If My Servant inquires: “Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.” My Servant has honoured Me, I announce.

If he declares in Retribution, “The The Master of the Day.” My Servant has honoured My name, I announce. If he states, “It is You that we love, and it is You that we pray to.” What he demands is about My Servant, myself, and My Servant, I say. If he responds, “Lead us in the proper direction.” The path of those You have blessed with Your bounty, not the way of those who have incurred Your anger or gone astray.

To demonstrate its tremendous significance, Online Quran Tuition, Our Lord (Glory and Honor to Him) requires us to say it at the beginning of every prayer. This is why studying Al Fatiha is compulsory for all Muslims.

It is also suggested that we repeat this Surah at least 17 times per day. “Whoever prays without reciting the Mother of the Quran (Al Fatiha) prays insufficiently and invalidly,” Prophet Muhammad remarked. (Al Boukhari and Mouslim reported on this.)

 Protection from all damage

Aside from its responsibility, studying Al Fatiha is a tool for Muslims to protect themselves from all bad influences. The sura Al Fatiha is also known as Ach-Chafiya (the healer).

The Opening of the Book is a medicine against any ailment,” proclaimed the Prophet.

As a result, it can be chanted as an incantation or roqya in the event of bodily ailment or to defend against bad occult induced by witchcraft, jealousy, or the evil eye.

This is demonstrated by the account of a companion of the Prophet who helped someone suffering from a scorpion sting simply by reading Surah al Fatiha. The Prophet then inquired, “How did you know she was a Roqya?” (Al Boukhari and Mouslim reported on this.)

How can we take advantage of the benefits contained in Surah Al Fatiha if we don’t know how to pronounce it?

To reap the full advantages of these blessings, the Muslim must carefully repeat Al Fatiha, giving each letter its precise measure for diction in accordance with Allah the Most High’s instructions “waratiWli ‘lqurana tartiylan” – “And recite the Quran Lessons Online, slowly and clearly” (Sura Verse 4 of 73).

So we must try our utmost to learn and recite the Al Fatiha while adhering to the Koranic Reading Guidelines (Tajwid).

For this, it is necessary to understand its reading principles as well as the numerous errors that might affect the right spelling in Sura the Fatiha. That’s fantastic!

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