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Overview of Dangerous Effect of Damp and Mould on Your Health

The presence of mould and dampness in the environment is dangerous for your health as they release harmful allergens into your body. Moreover, the mould is spread in the form of spores that can be eaten, inhaled, or touched and eventually causes health issues. 

However, you can prevent the dangerous effects of damp and mould by reducing moisture in many ways. Please read this article to know the health issues related to moisture and ways to prevent them.

What are the Causes of Dampness and Mould?

The presence of excess moisture in the surroundings is the primary source of mould and dampness. Knowing the source of moisture, you can take steps to control dampness and mould in your home. However, if the problem is severe, then seek professional help as soon as possible.

Leakage of pipes increases the moisture percentage in the atmosphere. As a result of pipe leakage, dampness rises in the basement and ground floors. Another common reason for them is inadequate ventilation in your home. It is essential to stop their spread as they can cause various issues. 

Condensation is also a significant reason for excessive moisture inside your home. Moreover, it results in rain seeping through roof damage and around the frames of windows. It is recommended to remain cautious while building a new house. The water used in its construction takes time to dry, especially in the plaster on the walls.

 What are the Dangerous Effects of Damp and Mould on Your Health?

Damp and mould can affect our health badly. They can cause respiratory problems, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. It is necessary to know the causes of damp and mold growth in your house and the symptoms of exposure. 

Dangerous Effect of Damp and Mould on Respiratory System

Mould and dampness cause different infections in the respiratory systems. In the latent infection case, mold can even lead to a sufferer’s death. The common respiratory health issues from moisture are 

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Watery eyes
  • Nosebleeds
  • Asthma

In some situations, asthma episodes can also be brought on by exposure to moisture and mildew. These symptoms can transfer into latent infections if ignored for too long. These chronic diseases include pneumonia and bronchitis. 

Dangerous Effect of Damp and Mould on Skin

The presence of excess humidity levels in your surroundings encourages the mould growth. It results in spore production that affects the different parts of your body. Skin is the first protective layer of the body, and it is at high risk of mould exposure. The rash appears on your skin when you come in contact with the spores and damp surroundings. Moreover, exposure to mould on the skin causes itching, redness, and rashes.

Dangerous Effect of Damp and Mould on Mental Health

The dangerous effect of damp and mold is not only limited to your physical health. Your mental health is also at risk due to exposure to mold and moisture. The mental health issues include stress, depression, and anxiety. Children and older people have low immunity, so mould and dampness cause serious health issues, particularly in them. It is critical to act immediately if you suspect your child has been exposed to mould or moisture. 

Finding the problem’s origin and getting rid of it should come first. Please seek medical advice if you have concerns about your family’s health. Mould can also cause mental health issues like anxiety and depression. In severe cases, the hazardous effects of dampness and mould can even result in death. If you feel that your home is infested with mould, then you should have it tested as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, professionals can also advise you ways to prevent dampness and mould again. You must take action early to protect yourself and your family from the dangerous effects of damp and mould.

How Can You Prevent Dampness and Mould?

Unfortunately, finding the exact source of excess moisture in your home is difficult. While if you know what is causing your home’s dampness, you can quickly fix it. It is also effective to take precautionary measures to reduce the moisture content in the air.

Peeling paint or wallpaper caused by condensation build-up is another sign of dampness and mould. If you notice any of these indications, you must act immediately to address the issue. Meanwhile, keep the affected area well-ventilated to reduce the risk of health issues.

How Can You Fix Dampness and Mould?

To fix a dampness and mould issue, you need to find their cause. You can fix this issue by yourself if it’s only a small amount. You can take simple actions to prevent mould and dampness from growing in your home. Make sure your home is appropriately aired before anything else. This entails keeping doors open whenever possible, using extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom, and opening windows frequently. 

Additionally, it would be best to clean areas that are vulnerable to mold growth, such as tiled areas and windowsills. To prevent further harm to your property and health, you must take immediate action if you see any indications of mould or dampness. With care and attention, you can prevent mould and wetness in your home. You can use a dehumidifier in order to reduce the moisture in the air. You also make an effort to ventilate rooms as much as possible. You should also fix any leaks as soon as possible and make sure the gutters are clear. 

These steps are taken to drain away the rainfall adequately. It could be necessary to fix leaky pipes, open windows, or use a dehumidifier to achieve this. You can also use a brush or vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean any affected surfaces once the source of the wetness has been eliminated. An anti-mold spray may also need to be applied to the area. 

Do You Need Professional Technicians to Fix Dampness and Mould?

Professional technicians can usually remove mold without causing any damage to the property. However, the problem still needs to be addressed. In that case, it can quickly cause extensive damage to both the structure of the building and the health of its occupants.

Moreover, a qualified mould removal specialist can assess the situation and determine the best action. However, if it is in excess amounts, you need to hire a professional to remove it altogether. There are also home improvement grants and services that can help with the cost of removing dampness and mould.


There are many dangerous effects of mold and dampness on your health, including respiratory infections, skin rash, and mental health issues. However, you can save yourself from them by taking precautionary measures. Moreover, you can fix these if they are low in amount. Otherwise, please seek professional help to get completely rid of them.

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