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Protect your Kids skin from Sun Damage with Lotus Herbals

Unlike adults, a kid’s skin is much more susceptible to the sun’s UV rays. Therefore, we must use specialized sunscreen that is extremely gentle on the kid’s skin while also providing the necessary protection.

 Not only does it help protect them from painful sunburns, but it also helps prevent long-term damage to their skin, including the development of wrinkles and a greater risk of skin cancer. Because of most of the excessive exposure to the sun rays, huge damage can occur to a baby’s delicate skin. Protecting your child’s skin now will keep their skin nourished and healthy when they grow up.

Finding an ideal sunscreen for your baby

A good sunscreen for kids or kids cream should be non-comedogenic and free of ingredients that can irritate your child’s skin. It should also contain no irritating ingredients, such as chemicals, soy, or gluten. It should also be water and sweat-resistant.

Though sunscreen is available in different forms, the widely used form is lotion. While some are water-proof, you should be sure to reapply frequently, especially if your child is swimming. Choosing a water-resistant version is essential because it’s more effective than ordinary sunscreen.

In addition, those usually with sensitive skin should avoid sunscreens with fragrances. A good sunscreen that doesn’t contain fragrances or parabens will be gentler on your kid’s skin and won’t make your child feel uncomfortable. Besides, a good kids’ cream should have a moisturising component. This helps protect the skin against water loss and strengthens the protective layers of the epidermis.

Baby Sunscreen

Choosing a baby sunscreen for everyday use might seem confusing, but not any more with Lotus Herbals! The best choice for sun protection for babies has a broad spectrum, paraben-free Sunscreen with ceramides, which help restore the baby’s natural skin barrier. Sunscreens are an essential part of your baby’s skincare routine, and Lotus Herbals offers several types of sunscreens for children. 

●  Lotus BABY+ SUNSCREEN SPF 20 PA+++ from Lotus Herbals is a gentle sunscreen with the goodness of Calendula extracts infused in it. The 100% Chemical-free Baby Sunscreen protects and prevents sunburn on your baby’s delicate skin from the Sun’s damaging rays. In addition, it contains the minerals Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, which help protect the baby’s skin from UVA and UVB rays.

●  Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sunblock Lotion SPF-25 is designed specifically for children’s sensitive skin. It gives total UVA & UVB protection from tan, sunburn prevention, and sun-induced damage and is enriched with Chamomile Extract and Zinc coated micro-fine Titanium dioxide. Doctors and dermatologists have thoroughly tested this kids cream on children’s sensitive and delicate skin. Since it is water-proof and hypoallergenic, this Sunscreen is suitable for children of all skin types.●  This Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Kids Sun Block is excellent for sun protection. It shields your child’s sensitive skin from harmful rays of the Sun. It contains ingredients that protect the skin from the Sun without making it too oily. This Sunscreen lotion is non-irritating and should be applied liberally and evenly to exposed areas.

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