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Requirements of obtaining Turkish e-visa

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Due to its extensive historical background, you can stretch the history of this region from prehistoric times to the recent Ottoman rule. People all around the world want this beautiful country in the world. Turkey is one of the most visited places in the world due to its beautiful blue water and the beaches, there is no difference in the culture of the main cities of the nations and the Western culture, technology has made it easy to get the “e visa Turkey”, there are different documents required for getting the 

Turkey e visa, we are discussing the documentation required for getting the Turkish e visa:

Requirements of the documentation for Turkish e visa:

There are the following documents required for getting  e visa Turkey, you should try to provide all the documents on go to avoid any unnecessary delays, it is best for getting e visa Turkey:

  • The personal passport detail scan companies.
  • A selfie while holding your credit or debit for online transactions to verify your identity, there should be the last four digits visible on your selfie of the credit or debit card. You need only one image for a one-time application for the “e visa Turkey”.
  • You need to submit your resident permit from the Schengen countries or from the USA, UK, or from the Irelands, these details are required if they are required and applicable.

The instruction for getting your e visa Turkey:

You should know when applying for the e visa Turkey, it is critical for your travel, so it should be a part of your planning before setting off for Turkey:

  • The maximum stay in Turkey can only be extended to a maximum of 30 to 90 days depending upon your national identity, there are different policies for the citizens of the countries mentioned above.
  • E visa Turkey can only be extended to the 180 days to 6 months, there different bilateral agreement of the Tukey oath different countries of the world, you should be aware of the fact if you are especially from the selected countries, Turkey government offering special facilities to the resident of these countries
  • Try to provide fresh copies of all the credentials along with a fresh snap.
  • The Turkey e visa Turkey is only valid for tourism and business purposes.
  • Your passport should always be with you when you’re traveling in Turkey, the passport is valid 6 months before the expiration date, after that it should be considered as an expired passport.
  • The Passport officers would always stamp your passport when you are entering the Turkish territories, so there should be many pages available on the passport to avoid any inconvenience.
  • It is better to abide by the CORONA restriction, otherwise, appropriate action can be taken by the authorities against you.


Getting an e visa in Turkey is not difficult for the citizens of the Schengen countries and for the citizens of the USA, as the Turkish government is providing special permission for those countries. It is overall not difficult to get an e visa Turkey, if you are properly following the instructions described in this article, these are important for getting your e visa Turkey without any delays.

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