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Reward is the amount you get for your questions

A curious person can understand how difficult it is to stop searching. But again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Sometimes you can get decisive remarks, and sometimes people will make fun of you. But do you stop asking questions? Absolutely not, as the answer welcomes all your questions with compliments and rewards. Yes, you heard right. Reward is the amount you get for your questions.

Post on the appropriate platform.

Are your questions annoying, or are you asking the wrong person? Stop being overly conscious of your questions and post answers without further ado. I bet you won’t be fined for asking stupid questions. Instead of letting go of your natural curiosity, ask as many questions as you like and get your answers on the answers.

And yet, money is a bonus. In return, users get rewards for adding questions to this Q / A platform.

Why would you ask a question and pay?

An answer encourages questions by offering rewards. Questions contribute to the content of the app. Answerless different topics and categories make knowledge searchable and accessible. The questions you post are important not only to you but also to other users who try to put their questions into words. So, don’t be shy and shoot your questions!

How do you get paid?

The first step in the world of answer is to create an account on answer. To create an account, you do not need to subscribe or pay. By the way, you can also login with your Google. Easy, right?

So once registered, you can earn points in your accounts. These points are collected as tokens. You can withdraw these tokens and exchange them for dollars. And you go!

The benefit of earning by asking

The answer offers two ways to make money. It aims to increase knowledge sharing and address questions appropriately. So users can ask and answer questions. You make money by asking questions, and you make money by answering other people’s questions. This is the scenario of victory. By answering questions, users get rewards based on their answers; there is a fixed price for posting questions. You can still earn by asking questions when you are not sure if your answer is one of the best possible solutions.

What else do you get in return?

The answer offers you informative and relevant answers to your questions. Unlike other platforms where information is misleading and inaccurate, Anerley ensures data quality. The answers are judged on the basis of their sentence structure, relevance to the questions, grammar and user votes. Even if spam ignores automatic diagnosis, users can report posts. Responds in a timely and effective manner to remove unwanted content.

Why should you earn in return?

Answer is an authoritative platform for online learning. In addition, users can transact their money once they have reached a certain number of tokens. So they don’t wait long. It offers a great solution for those looking for online learning opportunities. Instead of spam advertising, the reliability of the response is reflected in the best experience of existing users.

We wish we could go further, unfortunately, though, we have run out of time and space for this discussion. Nevertheless, we are very hopeful that you have learned something about this great revolution in the world of question and answer platforms, if not everything, new! On this hopeful note, we say goodbye to this place! But you can always answer on your own!

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