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Techniques to Convert EPS Files to AI Online for Free

Working as a graphic designer or artist or receiving files as a customer, you’ll most certainly come across a variety of file types. The most typical file formats you’ll encounter are Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) and Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AI). They are both native formats, which is highly beneficial since they will retain Adobe Illustrator’s editing capabilities.

So, what’s the point of this conversion using EPS to AI Converter? The primary distinction between the two is that EPS is an open format (understandable by other software), but Adobe Illustrator primarily uses AI files.

This implies that AI files may be able to provide features and layouts that are not available in other formats. EPS files, on the other hand, are more extensively used and may be a preferred file type to deliver your drawings to clients.

This article will teach you how to convert EPS to AI in Adobe Illustrator and via EPS to AI Converter. 

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EPS to AI Conversion

The first step

To begin, let’s look at how to open AI and EPS files in Adobe Illustrator. To do so, navigate to File> Open and choose the EPS file to be converted.

  1. Open the eps file
  2. You’re ready to convert your EPS File to an AI file now that you’ve opened it in Adobe Illustrator. To do so, navigate to File> Save As.
  3. Save as an AI file.
  4. Change the name and location of your File. Select Adobe Illustrator from the dropdown option.

Convert AI to EPS.

  1. Let’s use Adobe Illustrator to convert the AI file to an EPS file. The procedure is the same as it was previously. Simply open the AI file in Illustrator, then navigate to File> Open and choose the AI file to convert.
  2. Open the AI file
  3. You are now ready to convert your AI file to an EPS file after opening it in Adobe Illustrator. To do so, navigate to File> Save As.
  4. Save as an EPS document.
  5. Change the name and location of your File. Select Illustrator EPS (*.EPS) from the dropdown menu. Once that’s done, click the Save button to convert your File.

How to Convert an EPS File to an AI File Without Illustrator?

If you don’t have access to software like Adobe Illustrator, you can convert an EPS file to AI online using an EPS to AI Converter. This method allows you to turn EPS to AI without using Illustrator, which is great for those who simply have a few files to convert by

A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of various file converting systems. AnyConv is an online EPS to AI converter that is now operational and very simple to use.

The majority of internet converters operate in the same manner. Simply pick the File you wish to convert by clicking the Choose File button. Then select a file format to convert to, and the website will take care of the rest. When it’s finished, you may download your File.

Utilize an online converter.

Congratulations! You now understand how to convert EPS to AI and AI to EPS in Adobe Illustrator. You may also use an online EPS to AI Converter to convert EPS to AI if you don’t have Illustrator. I hope you found this video useful, and I hope to see you again soon!


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