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Traditional periodontal therapy is outperformed by air flow teeth polishing in lahore

Every aspect of our lives, including our dental health teeth polishing in lahore, is changing. The air flow polishing treatment is a one-of-a-kind method of cleaning and polishing the teeth using water, compressed air, and small powder particles. Time-consuming and uncomfortable traditional cleaning procedures, such as scraping tools, rubber cups, and polishing teeth polishing in lahore discs, might be used.

Cleaning that is more effective

A powerful yet controlled stream of water, air, and fine powder not only polishes all surfaces of a tooth, but it also reaches deep into periodontal pockets as deep as 5 mm in depth to remove plaque and tartar. A toxic biofilm that forms when tooth plaque is infected by bacteria and can lead to periodontitis and peri-implantitis is removed with this procedure. With the use of an extension nozzle, you may achieve deeper subgingival air polishing that is safe for dental implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges to be placed on top of them.

The patient is happier as a result of this

It is a non-invasive, non-painful method of polishing the skin with air. There is no need for painful and potentially destructive probing with curettes and scrapers, and no heat or vibration is generated as a result of the lack of contact between the tool and the skin. The non-toxic powder used in air polishing is also less abrasive than the heavy paste used in traditional polishing. Air polishing powders with spearmint scents have been created in order to enhance the overall experience.

teeth polishing in lahore

Dentists claim that it is beneficial

Air flow polishing is a gentle method of polishing teeth that are sensitive. As a result, the powder’s microscopic micro particles can effectively cover any exposed dentine tubules and alleviate any associated pain and discomfort. It can also aid in the remineralization of teeth that have been damaged.

It’s a world of difference

According to studies, air polishing removes stains three times more quickly than conventional treatments do. Thus, the patient spends less time in the chair and there are fewer pauses during treatment. When compared to scraping and polishing, dental floss is less abrasive, resulting in less tooth damage. Small decay patches are softly blasted away without causing any damage to the surrounding good tooth structure.

This product is suitable for usage prior to orthodontic treatment

Due to the fact that it removes virtually all bacteria and endotoxins Dental Clinics in DHA Lahore, air polishing is an excellent method of cleaning before bonding and sealing. Traditional polishing pastes contain glycerin, which may interfere with bonding processes. Bonding and sealants attach better to the teeth’s surfaces because of the non-glycerin air, water, and powder that are used in air flow polishing teeth polishing in lahore.

Air flow polishing is the most effective method of removing stains and discoloration produced by tobacco usage, red wine consumption, tea consumption, and coffee consumption. It is the most effective method of cleaning and opening fractures prior to bonding. The polishing action of this procedure differs from traditional periodontal treatments in that it does not involve direct contact with the teeth, pressure, heat, or noise.

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