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The pleasant trek of India: Skandagiri trek


Skandagiri Trek is situated in a village referred to as Kalavara Halli, and due to this, it is also called Kalavara Durga. At the foothills of Skandagiri lies one in all Karnataka’s historic and oldest mutts, the Papagni Mutt.

The path starts to offer evolved off from Papagni Mutt and follows its way to the height, in which lie the ruins of a castle that dates once more to the 18th Century. Tipu Sultan conquered the castle which belonged to a close-by king and later he used it as a stronghold to fight competition to the British, even though he later surrendered in 1791 even as Tipu Sultan have become defeated.

The height gives an extensive-ranging view of the four neighboring ‘Giris’ or hills and its miles are a sight to behold.

Skandagiri has situated lots much less than 60 km from Bengaluru and three km from Chikballapur and is well associated using avenues and railways. Therefore, it is an remarkable one year-round trek for first-time trekkers further to the pro ones and can be completed in 5 hours quite simply.

The big rock formation which overlooks Nandi Giri

Skandagiri hill has been visited and praised by using many VIP personalities on their manner to Nandi Hills in the route of British Rule, like Jawaharlal Nehru and Sir M. Visveswaraya to name a few. 

The path is a unique combination of rocks, boulders, and dirt with thick flowers

Very few treks pleasure trekking thru rocks, hopping boulders, and also revel in the muddy course with sun sun shades or wooden in among. Skandagiri offers a whole lot of those for a trek this is so near our habitat.

Dilapidated fort partitions 

In the direction of the summit, the ruined walls, carved pillars, and stones take us lower back to the time while Skandagiri fortress became complete of existence and grandeur.

The Shiva Temple at the summit 

At the summit, the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is worshipped via many devotees who climb up all the way to get a glimpse of the idol. This is a brilliant sight for a fort press whose surrounding systems are in ruins.

The breathtaking view of the nearby hills and Chikballapur metropolis from the summit

From the summit, you get a wide-ranging view of the encircling hills, even 4 of the 5 “girls” along side forests, villages, and the city.

Path facts

The path begins from Papagni Mutt, within the Kalavara village. The village is three km from Chikballapur.

The trek may be divided into three sections – the number one stretch is a flat course stroll from Papagni Mutt to the forest Checkpost which one wishes to document earlier than starting the trek. The 2nd stretch climbs up gently and now and again steeply via dirt trails and rocky sections to the primary relaxation factor. The very last stretch is a steep ascent to the summit on slippery muddy and rocky terrain.

First-class Time To Do Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri is such a treks that can be performed each three hundred and sixty five days.

But, because of very little tree cowl at the path, it is suggested to put on a cap in summers to keep away from exposure to the solar. Now not carrying a cap or a hat will tire you out quick due to dehydration and excessive warmness.

Throughout monsoons, deliver a poncho or a raincoat at the side of a rain cowl in your backpack to keep yourselves dry in your hike to Skandagiri.

However, it is advisable not to head hiking inside the route of heavy rain because the path turns slippery due to loose rocks and dust. This can impede your experience the trek.

Hard Sections at the Skandagiri Trek

Slippery path (Monsoon particular)

The path turns more tricky inside the direction of monsoons due to the fact the dirt and rocks end up very slippery and an superb caution ought to be taken at the same time as traversing. If hiking inside the monsoons, trekkers ought to be very careful with their preference of shoes and have to test climate charts which will keep away from days with anticipated heavy rains.

Rocks and Stones

There are a couple of things about the trek in which trekkers can be required to scale small rocks or stroll on big stone slabs. At the same time as this is an exceedingly amusing a part of the trek, one needs to be cautious. Slipping or falling from a rock can result in intense harm and trekkers need to exercise warning even as navigating the ones sections.

Muddy sections

Considering this route is a combination of rocks and dust, there are a few sections of the dominant dirt route which will be very slippery although it has now now not rained. The possibilities of slipping and sliding down for some meters are excessive in the ones sections. As a result, company footing is usually recommended in those sections.

Matters To tackle Skandagiri Trek

Basic First useful resource kit

Identification Card

Cap/ headband/ Bandana & sunglasses

Water (minimum liters)

Short Dry T-shirts are terrific over cotton tees.

Poncho, simplest in the route of monsoons

Plastic sheet to wrap virtual gadgets, most effective within the route of monsoons


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