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Trends Transforming The Future Of Digital Marketing

New upcoming trends for digital marketing

Many digital marketing agencies expected 2020 to proceed in a different direction.
Challenges, on the other hand, frequently bring fresh chances and approaches to strategies and
campaigns. Many pivots and adjustments occurred in 2021, as well as the acceleration of
various trends that were already reshaping the digital marketing landscape.
Let take a look at some of the mega-trends that are affecting the world around us, as well as
B2B and B2C marketing teams
COVID-19 and Its Consequences
The global epidemic wreaked havoc on the global economy and had a big impact on digital
Events have been canceled, employees have worked from home, and methods, messages, and
campaigns have all changed at digital marketing companies. Their attention shifted to how they
could provide clients with useful information and answers during a tough period. They grew
preoccupied with having the right tone and voice, as well as aiming to be more relevant than
ever before.
On the horizon, there is a ray of optimism. Vaccines have been developed by Pfizer, BioNech,
Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Over half of the CFOs polled by PWC expect a return to
growth in 2021, thanks to investments in data analytics and marketing automation.
B2B marketing and sales specialist Matt Heinz also stated that this was not the new normal.
Some of the pivots marketers have made, on the other hand, will become the new normal. A
renewed focus on strengthening customer relationships, as well as loyalty and engagement, will
be maintained.
More crucially, empathy has risen to the forefront of marketing, with marketers placing
themselves in their clients & shoes and asking how they might assist.
The Digital Revolution is Speeding Up
When in-person events were no longer an option, virtual events, films, and digital marketing
channels were employed to communicate with clients. Many consumers were spending even
more time online as a result of lockdowns and other limitations. Forbes reported in March of last
year that since the outbreak of the epidemic, internet use had increased by 70% and streaming
had increased by more than 12%.
Marketers, understandably, seek out the channels where their customers congregate to
communicate with them. Customers can be engaged through a variety of channels, including
social media, email marketing, mobile, websites, landing pages, blogs, webinars, and more.

According to a CMO Survey, 85 percent of marketers saw a boost in customer openness to new
digital offers during the pandemic, and 84 percent valued digital experiences more.
To keep up with their customers, marketers must now focus on digital first.
Utilization of Big Data
The world now has more data than it has ever had before, and the volume appears to be
growing. According to NodeGraph, world data is expected to reach 175ZB by 2025, which would
take 1.8 billion years to download at present internet speeds.
According to NodeGraph, one minute online in 2020 will see:
 480,000 tweets
 On YouTube, 4.7 million videos have been viewed
 Google received 4.2 million search inquiries
 200 million emails have been sent
 60,000 photos have been uploaded
All of this data can help brands figure out how to best serve you. Big data can be used to
forecast weather, recommend movies, songs, and books to customers, and inform advertisers
which channels and content they prefer.
Of course, marketers can gain significant competitive advantages from big data if they can
correctly gather, manage, and use it. It enables them to obtain a deeper understanding of their
clients as well as greater insight into how to tackle their concerns.
A Content Creator and Publisher Can be Anyone.
Every time they post something on social media, the world & 3.7 billion people create content.
Short video snippets are uploaded to TikTok and Snapchat by users. Instagram is a photo and
video sharing platform that showcases people & lives, careers, and companies.
There are over 500 billion blogs on the internet, and the number of self-published books
surpassed one million for the first time in 2017.
There are a variety of publishing platforms available, and people use them to share their ideas,
product knowledge, fiction, poetry, and more.
In terms of content marketing, what does this mean?
Content makers must try to be more relevant than ever before and capture the attention of their
audience. The content must be both educational and helpful, as well as given on the channel
and in a style that is easily digestible to the customer.
Content marketers will never run out of ways to leverage videos, webinars, blogs, thought
leadership, interactive content, and infographics. However, they are fighting for someone's
attention with virtually the entire world. They must strive for clarity and substance to prevail.

Global Interconnection
According to Statista, 4.66 billion people are online, accounting for 59 percent of the global
population. NodeGraph discovered that in 2020, there will be
 Owners of mobile phones number 5.1 billion.
 2 billion people shop online
 3.7 billion people utilize social media
As the statistics reveal, individuals are more linked than ever before around the world. You may
network with people from all over the world, attend online concerts with them, play online chess
with them, and join online book clubs with them, among other things. The options are limitless.
Marketers must now evaluate their target audiences. Who are the visitors to their website and
blog, and where are they from? As a result of worldwide connectivity, will they be able to reach
a larger audience? How will they have to change their marketing to accomplish so?
An email sent to a North American audience may not perform as well as one sent to a European
audience due to linguistic and cultural differences. Is the thought leadership you're publishing
available in another language since you have a global audience? Do you offer webinars and
online events targeted towards specific countries and regions?
Keep an eye on your audience and how it develops. There may be a lot of unexplored potentials
in expanding it or adapting it to new areas and cultures. As a result, your brand will stand out as
more of a leader.
Digital Marketing & Future is Now
As the year 2020 demonstrated, the trends we believe will have an impact on us can shift
swiftly. The goal is to stay flexible, adaptable, and agile. A positive attitude can also go a long
way toward assisting you in dealing with unpleasant situations.

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