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Was bekommt man vom Gutachten ausgezahlt?

If you own a car and someone else drives into it, you can file for compensation. This is the case even if the person who hits your car doesn’t own it. In this situation, you should hire a forensic expert (also called a “crime scene reconstructionist”) to study the accident. The purpose of a crime scene reconstructionist is to create a detailed report on how an accident took place.

A crime scene reconstructionist will gather evidence on how the accident happened and try to reconstruct what happened. The expert will check out the scene kfz sachverständiger where the car accident occurred. He or she will also study what caused the accident and find out if the person driving the car was at fault for causing the accident. You will be entitled to compensation if your car is damaged by an accident. You can claim for the costs of repairing the damage done to your car.

Damages to your car can include repair costs and also the amount of money that you have to spend on your medical bills. To claim for damages, you need to hire a crime scene reconstructionist. You should file a claim if the accident has caused severe damage to your car.

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