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What are the Benefits of Eating Chicken or Turkey?

Free-range chicken has well-documented health benefits. There are different chicken parts and methods in preparing healthy-based chicken means. Your darker cuts of meat, such as the drumstick and thigh, have a higher caloric content than your lighter cuts like chicken breast. If you use the skin of the chicken or you fry chicken, this will add saturated fat. Ideally, if you’re looking to switch from red meat to chicken, choose chicken breast since this is the healthiest part of the chicken. 

Health benefits

As a substitute for red meats, chicken is a perfect option. It’s a great source of protein and is linked to many health benefits. 

Strong Bones and Muscles

Chicken is a lean protein with an excellent source of amino acids. When building muscle tissue, our bodies use amino acids, which is particularly important as we age. Studies have shown that higher protein intake can help maintain bone mineral density. Eating chicken helps build stronger muscles and healthier bones, decreasing the risk of injuries and diseases such as osteoporosis. 

Better Mood

Chicken contains an amino acid, tryptophan, which has been linked to higher serotonin levels. While the levels of tryptophan in the chicken are not high enough to make you “instantly feel good”, studies have shown that it can help boost serotonin levels when paired with other factors. 

Chicken is also good for your bones, and it will give the perfect boost to immunity. 

Turkey Maryland

Turkey is low in fat, but it’s rich in protein than chicken. Its lean mean is a good choice for those looking at reducing their fat intake. The meat can cook quickly or dry due to its high protein and low-fat content. There is a range of cooking turkey such as brining, adding fattier ingredients, and jointing the turkey for more of an even cook. This may be useful for retaining its moisture. We have a range of turkey recipes on our website for you to try. When it comes to Baked Turkey Maryland, nothing beats having the smell of turkey in the oven.

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