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What Are The Different Types Of Ceramic Dinnerware?

Stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, and bone china are just a few of the materials available when purchasing ceramic plates, and tableware, whether for regular or business meals. Every substance has distinct advantages, disadvantages, price ranges, and features. Keeping in mind the harms and benefits of every one of them will help you choose the best one when selecting dinnerware. By doing this, one will get extra knowledge when they buy tableware.


It is pottery that comes in baked and glazed style. It is generally less costly than other types of dining materials. Moreover, it feels and looks thick, hefty, and rustic, it is not as sturdy and resilient as other types of dining materials and is prone to chipping. Typically, earthenware is used to make dishes with hand-painted patterns. You should avoid leaving earthenware soaked in water since it is frequently porous and could discolor or absorb fluids. Most glazed earthenware is microwave and dishwasher-safe, but it’s best to double-check with the maker first.


Stoneware is a type of burned ceramic plates that is more reliable and stronger than the material: earthenware because it is made of clay that has typically been strengthened with vitreous (glass) material. Stoneware can be prepared with glaze styles, such as satin, shiny, or matte, and has a thicker body and is more opaque than more delicate materials like porcelain and china.

For informal, everyday table settings, stoneware is usually utilized. The majority of high-quality stoneware has many uses and is relatively simple to maintain. It is safe to use in the oven, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and all of the above, but always verify with the maker to ensure. However, it must not be subjected to abrupt or excessive temperature changes.

China or Porcelain

Dining materials constructed of clay, often composed of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz, and prepared at a higher degree are referred to as china or porcelain. The end product is exceptionally resilient and nonporous. Aside from giving the body an almost translucent look, this procedure makes it feasible to insert curved features into its design and make the dinnerware look fantastic and more delicate.

Unless expressly stated by the manufacturer, most fine china is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Microwavable china with gold, silver, or platinum borders should not be used, and metal accents should not be cleaned with lemon- or citrus-scented detergent. People frequently hand-wash porcelain plates with metal accents. Porcelain is frequently sophisticated, making it ideal for more formal dining settings. Still, it can also be used daily to give any meal a touch of elegance.

Bone China

A very transparent, delicate substance that has a shiny and smooth look is created by combining bone ash, which is formed from animal bones, with porcelain clay and firing it at a little lower temperature than porcelain. Although it appears frail, bone china is the most sturdy and long-lasting ceramic dinnerware. Unless it contains metallic banding, most bone china is dishwasher-safe and can even be used in the microwave and oven. Bone china can be used daily or saved for more formal dining occasions, just like porcelain.


Melamine plates are the way to go if you’re seeking unbreakable dishes. Although this plastic is thin, it feels rigid, strong, and glossy to the touch. Children and outdoor use benefit significantly from its near indestructibility. It can typically go in the top rack of the dishwasher, but it shouldn’t be heated with food inside of it in the microwave or oven. BPA isn’t used in melamine. Thus it is suitable quality tableware to use at home.

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