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What does WPS Button on Netgear Router Do?

In this article, you will get to know – what a WPS button on Netgear router does, its usage, and how to perform Netgear router setup process (in case your router doesn’t have the WPS button on it. Given that, continue reading!

WiFi Protected Setup aka WPS button on Netgear router allows you to set it up without using SSID (WiFi network name), typing the password, and logging in to it using IP to follow the on-screen instructions.

But, not every router brand supports the WPS feature. If your router has it, it can allow any device to connect to your router’s WiFi automatically when the WPS button is pressed. When you press the router’s WPS button, it will look for compatible devices right away and allow them to connect automatically.

Upon pressing the router’s WPS button, the WPS LED will blink green or white. It means the WPS connection between the devices is successfully made.

What if My Netgear router doesn’t have the WPS feature? I want to configure it. How would I suppose to set it up?

Need not to worry! In case your Netgear router does not have the WPS button, then you have to use the manual method to set it up.

Netgear Router Setup without WPS?

Don’t sweat over it if your Netgear router doesn’t come with the WPS feature. You can use the manual method instead to set up your device. And, the instructions that will help you set up the router using the web-browser setup (manual) method are right here. Keep scrolling down!

Step 1: Turn on your Netgear WiFi router. Plug it into a working power outlet. and, the power source must be within range and reach of your existing modem.

Step 2: Take an Ethernet cable. And, What after that? Take one end of the Ethernet cable and insert it into the Ethernet port of your Netgear router. Thereafter, take another end of the cable and put it in to the Ethernet port of your internet modem.

Make sure the Ethernet/ wired connection you establish between the two is secure and finger-tight and the cable you have used is not damaged.

Step 3: Power on your client device (computer or laptop).

Step 4: Open an internet browser on your computer or laptop.

Before using your client device, kindly update its software to the latest version (if needed). Apart from this, we also suggest you clear browsing history, and close/ unpin all the tabs in order to improve browsing history.

Step 5: In the address bar field of the internet browser, type or IP and press the Enter key.

Step 6: Upon pressing the Enter key, you will be redirected to Netgear router login window.

Now, what’s next?

Step 7: You need to provide your router’s default admin credentials in the required fields, and click Log In.

And, there you are! Netgear Genie setup wizard displays. Provide your router’s model number (if needed) and follow the on-screen instructions in the exact given order to setup Netgear router without using the WPS button.

You can unplug your Netgear router and plug it in anywhere in your home. Upon unplugging and plugging in it back, have a quick look at the Netgear router lights. On the off chance, you see the router’s power LED in solid green or white color, it means it is ready to use.

In case the power LED becomes amber or red, it means your router isn’t properly plugged in and receiving steady power supply from its respective wall outlet. To get it fixed, we suggest you choose a working wall socket for plugging in your WiFi router and it must supply a steady power supply to it.

In a Nutshell

Netgear WiFi routers are really one of the best devices that you can consider to get high-speed internet to access everywhere in your home. So, if you are ready to experience effortless connectivity with seamless super-speedy WiFi for your home, Netgear WiFi delivers elite performance with zero compromises for sure.

Now, we are going to wrap up our article. We really hope that the information we have provided above is going to prove helpful to you. Apart from this, we are sure that you now come to know that what does WPS Button on Netgear router do, its usage, and how to configure it manually (if one doesn’t have the WPS-capable) router.

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