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What To Do Before Visiting a Samsung Repair Center in Boise

Giving your phone to a stranger at Samsung Repair Center in Boise for repairs can make anyone paranoid. Does the technician have access to the data on your debit card? Can they see your bank details? How about your private data? What about your social media accounts?

The next time you damage your phone, take all safety precautions to ensure that your data is protected before handing over your phone to a stranger. This necessitates that your damaged phone is still working because if it does not turn on, you will not be just dealing with simple and basic repairs.

It would be best if you took some necessary steps before trusting the cell phone repair store with your precious cell phone.

Steps to Take Before Taking a Cell Phone to a Samsung Repair Center in Boise

The customer must take safety precautions first. You should ensure that every necessary step is taken from your side before entrusting somebody with your damaged cell phone.

Create Multiple Backups

Back up everything on your smartphone to a cloud-based storage service. This includes your contacts, images, music, diaries, apps, and more protected by these Android and Apple services.

Some examples include Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud.

You can also manually all your files to a hard disk or your computer if you want to make multiple backups. 

Hard Reset

Once the backup is complete, you can remove all the data from your mobile or delete everything by performing a hard reset. You can also delete everything manually from the device’s external storage.

Reset your device to factory settings by going to the settings menu. Sometimes. This can fix any issues your device may have.

Take your SIM Card Out

Although it is evident, it still has to be mentioned. If you have a damaged phone, you should always keep your SIM ejector with you. YourSIM card can be inserted n another device, be it an Android or an Apple one. So, always give your damaged mobile phone to the repair technician only if it is SIM-free.

Deactivate All Security Locks

Disable all the security locks that need a PIN, a passcode, a pattern, or fingerprint authentication to operate. Doing this makes it easier for repair specialists to analyze phone performance after fixing it.

If you are using an Android 

  • Head To settings 
  • Click Security.
  • Click on the Lock screen.
  • Deactivate the device’s security locks.

If you are using an Apple Device

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Touch ID & Passcode.
  • On phones that do not have touch ID, head to Settings and then tap passcode.

Is everything that was just said too much?  Hold on! There are still some important but simple steps left.

Log Out Of Social Media Apps

Comprised of your:

  • Google Accounts.
  • iCloud.
  • Remove email addresses
  • Social media applications like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • Banking Apps.
  • Zoom or Slack (Work apps)

If you can, use a password manager to keep your credentials safe.

Write Down Your Phone’s IMEI

Samsung Repair experts advise you to remember your device’s IMEI number, a specific fifteen-digit serial number, to prevent losing it. So you can identify your phone with its IMEI if it is accidentally given to another customer with the same color, manufacturer, and model as your cell phone.

Looking For a Trustworthy Samsung Repair Center in Boise?

Did you damage your mobile? Do you live in Boise? Have you followed the tips mentioned above? Locating a trusted and reputable Samsung Repair Center in Boise is the next step if that is the case.  Thankfully, Boise is home to many dependable cell phone repair stores like Four Corners Repair Center, which has numerous experienced repair technicians; they can solve any of your tech issues in a flash. 


Can the repair specialist access my private data?

The repair specialist has no need to view the device’s data. They may have to unlock the cell phone to check if the damage has been repaired successfully. They still need the customer’s permission to do so. Moreover, you do not have to be concerned about this when you have already completed a hard reset.

Can my data be stolen by the Cell Phone Repair Shop?

Data access is not required for the majority of cell phone repairs. Although repair shops won’t take your data, you should still take precautions. There is no reason to be anxious. Your data will be safe if you follow all of the steps mentioned in this blog.

Should I back up my iPhone before having the screen fixed?

It would help if you stayed on the safer side. You should keep a backup of the data on your cell phone before you give it to somebody else, even if it’s only for screen repairs.

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