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Why Industrial Hygiene Needs More Attention in 2021

Industrial hygiene is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business.
However, many companies overlook this duty. One of the several reasons business owners
generally lag in industrial cleaning is that they are complex and laborious. But making sure that
your production plant, assembling area, storage area, and warehouse is clean plays a significant
role in work quality, reputation, and customer satisfaction.
With the change in health policies amidst the pandemic, industrial hygiene has become crucial
for every business. The regulatory laws have become strict, and companies must comply with
these regulations to stay in business. But instead of considering industrial hygiene an additional
responsibility, the company must understand the importance of this task for business
continuity. Therefore, we are going to discuss the reasons why industrial hygiene needs more
attention in current times. Keep on reading to find out.

1) Protection Of The Workers
The coronavirus spread worldwide like wildfire, and people had to confine themselves to
their homes to stay safe and keep their loved ones safe too. But factory and industrial

workers did not have this choice, as they had to work at the site to produce goods. In this
case, keeping the workers safe is akin to keeping the company running. For this reason,
many companies take the help of professional hygienists to ensure proper hygiene
maintenance in the facilities. Therefore, the rise in demand for a professional hygienist
increased the work scope. But lucky for the public, the educational program that helps
achieve this career is available online. Hence, people are opting for a higher degree in this
field to contribute to the healthcare industry. With the prevalence of online degrees today,
people are even opting for industrial hygiene degree online to work in this field.
The main goal is to ensure things like the facilities using non-toxic chemicals for cleaning
that are not detrimental to the worker's health. In addition, they must provide a proper
screening process that allows them to keep a check on every worker's health. This ensures
that everyone in the facility stays safe and has the necessary protective gear to work in the

2) Equipment/Product Hygiene
An infected and dirty working environment affects the workers and the equipment/product
as well. For example, if some bacteria or a virus transmits to the customer through some
equipment/product because it is kept in an unclean environment, it can cause problems. It
is the main reason why hygiene laws became stricter in recent years to prevent virus
transmission through equipment/products.
If someone gets sick because of the unclean equipment in the hospital, it can tarnish its
reputation. The establishment will lose customers, and business will go down. Hence, for
the purpose of the safety and sustenance of the company, authorities must pay special
attention to industrial hygiene in the current times.

3) Increase Work Productivity
A safe and hygienic working environment is the key to worker satisfaction. Consequently,
employee satisfaction links directly with the worker's productivity. The equation is simple; if
the workers are happy, the business will thrive as they will dedicate their time and energy
to the work.
When you ensure that your workers don’t have to suffer from any workplace hazard, it will
ensure better productivity. By eliminating such risks and dangers that affect the worker’s
physical and mental state, they will not fall victim to illnesses and burnout. They will
therefore be able to dedicate their time to their work in an efficient manner.

4) Saves Time And Money
Hospital employees falling sick due to an unhygienic environment is severely detrimental to
the environment around them too. It is worse in the current times because if the workers
test positive for coronavirus, the facility gets sealed. Then, your industrial facility will have
to stay closed for a minimum of two-three weeks. The losses you will build up during that
time can take a lot of time to recover. Therefore, the easiest way to avoid such losses is by
maintaining industrial hygiene.
Identifying and eliminating such hazards can reduce the chances of accidents that lead to
sickness, stress, and poor health. Medical treatment for the employees can cost your
company a lot of money. Additionally, in case any procedure or chemical was the cause of
the sickness, the worker can sue your company. Any workplace hazard that can cause
stress, discomfort, and sickness, needs industrial hygiene maintenance. Any space that can
expose the workers to harmful chemicals and pathogens needs to be eliminated. Therefore,
you must acquire the services of an industrial hygienist to analyze, identify, and eliminate
such health hazards.

5) Contribute To A Healthy Environment
Having a professional industrial hygienist for your facilities can help you reduce
environmental damage. They will help you find a solution to any procedure that can cause
environmental damage. Hygienists help industries eliminate toxin releases that are
detrimental to humans and the environment and suggest other healthy practices that will
promote a healthy environment in the area. Switching to green products for maintaining
industrial hygiene also ensures that you leave less carbon footprint. This is another way
maintaining industrial hygiene also helps the environment.

6) Maintain A Reputation
Maintaining industrial hygiene has become a serious matter in the current times. Hence, if
you lag in this aspect, it can tarnish your company's reputation. The reason is that the
pandemic has changed the world from how it was in the past. In the present, values are
changing, and they are shifting more towards cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. As a result,
any company that fails to uphold these standards lose their upstanding in the eye of the
For example, if your regular customers find out that your business storage facility workers
do not maintain industrial hygiene, they will not conduct business with you. To gain the
customer & trust, you must ensure that your facilities use proper equipment that doesn’t
release toxic chemicals, gas, and pathogens, along with other basic cleanliness

requirements. You must also keep the industrial facility clean and sanitized and have the
worker observe necessary hygiene guidelines.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals market size was USD 47.25 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 68.16 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.7% during the forecast period.

Industrial hygiene plays a crucial role in your company  business upstanding, and for this
reason, it needs more attention in the current times. It will help you keep your customers safe
and happy, improve production quality, and satisfy your customers. Hence, observing hygiene
rules is in the best interest of everyone.


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