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10 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms and Marketplaces in 2021

Influencer marketing has both sides, one full of benefits and other drawbacks, but it will remain here. There’s no going back from it. Influencer marketing is quickly expanding, with a predicted $370 million in spending by 2027. It is entirely on the trust of the audience towards their influencers.


As the influencer marketing business grows, more companies and individuals provide their skills to make the process easier. When it comes to managing and working with influencers, influencer platforms provide a support system for both agencies and businesses.


A software system developed to manage brands with their Influencer Marketing Campaigns is known as an Influencer Marketing Platform. Influencer Marketing Platforms provide companies and agencies huge searchable databases of potential influencers based on sophisticated algorithms.


Influencer marketing is a modern way of marketing. It allows brands to promote their products to a vast targeted audience through a social media influencer having a large following & a high level of trust.


There are many influencers available on social media. Considering whom to select and how to select the ideal one for you is difficult. It is where the influencer marketing platforms play the role they suggest plus manage your influencer marketing campaigns. Here are the top influencer marketing platforms to choose from.




QuikPlace is a platform where you can instantly activate any campaign with TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitter. Any brand can collaborate with top influencers through QuikPlace. They even manage your campaign personally with no extra cost.


They have three types of campaign options: Bounty, AI Match, & Standard. You can also go for their full services. You can talk to that particular influencer in real-time as they fulfill your campaigns.


Quikplace holds the brand’s money in escrow until the campaign is completed, guaranteeing total transparency. Quikplace scours millions of social media profiles for hidden gems that might assist companies in achieving their marketing objectives.


Influencer marketing, according to Grin, is marketing to influencers. If you have a good relationship with them, then everything will fall into place.


Grin is primarily focused on eCommerce enterprises, with interfaces into some of the most popular shopping platforms.


The platform is simple to use and has all of the essential features that a top-tier marketing management software should have. It groups everything into processes to save users from getting lost.




Partnering with influencers whose followers and the audience is not that interested in their material is a waste of money. So, influencers having your target audience as their following is necessary. This platform is aware of it.


trendHERO is an Instagram analytics software that provides a variety of tools for analyzing and tracking public Instagram profiles. Bloggers and companies will benefit greatly from the options offered.




CreatorIQ uses technology not only to make the influencer marketing process easier but, the technology also addresses issues that trouble the businesses, such as fake followers & exaggerated metrics.


CreatorIQ works directly with social platform APIs, and its AI-powered algorithm examines over 1 billion public social accounts, comparing them to a set of criteria to determine whether they are worthy of being included in the platform database. There are now over 15 million creator accounts indexed.




The main focus of iFluenz is on Instagram, and it includes a database of over 20,000 Instagrammers from a variety of niches and categories.


The AI of this platform enables you to find and evaluate content creators based on the most essential parameters. All influencers here pass on a verification procedure to ensure their engagement rate.


Spend a few minutes writing a campaign description, specifying the sorts of influencers you’d want to work with, and then wait for responses. Then, engage with a content producer of your choice and track the results of your campaign.




Scrunch is a simple influencer marketing platform that connects content producers with businesses. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, the platform has one of the largest content producer databases.


The platform boasts a strong roster of companies, including RedBull, Vogue, Subway, and GQ. This influencer marketing network includes over 20 million influencer profiles and an algorithm that has indexed over 10 billion posts.




Upfluence is a marketplace that provides influencer finding and campaign management tools. Marketers can use this platform to locate the precise content producers they require and manage their partnerships at every stage of the process, including post-campaign assessment. The platform is designed specifically for businesses and influencer marketing firms.


It is a self-serve platform, allowing it to establish pricing which is accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.




Influencity’s platform is a simple influencer marketing platform that enables complete campaign execution from start to finish. This software has one of the biggest influencer databases, with over 70 million influencers, and provides accurate influencer analysis that helps brands and agencies all over the world, & manage their campaigns successfully using data.


Influence provides an enormous quantity of information. You can use a filter in your search to go further into an influencer’s profile. Nothing looks to be overly complicated or saturated. When it comes to picking search filters, you’ll have a lot of possibilities.




Hypr is primarily an influencer discovery tool that allows companies to find influencers based on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest posts.


They have a massive database, also detailed demographic information on each influencer’s audience. It, like its competitors, has a large database of influencers and content providers from which to pick. In reality, the platform has a cloud of 12 million content producers from over 100 countries, with data on them constantly updated. They have a massive search engine that scrapes social media posts, determines popularity, and gathers data.




Izea is arguably one of the oldest marketplaces, having launched in 2006. It is also known as Tapinfluence, which it acquired recently.


You can use the platform’s capability to develop and manage any type of marketing campaign. Another advantage is their price, which begins with a free or light option and allows companies to upgrade or scale up for additional services.




All influencer marketing platforms are somewhat the same. Some of the features or tools are only different, but the extra facilities they provide that matter. Choose your influencer marketing platform wisely, as the success rate of your campaign depends on it.

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