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Top 7 types of good and inexpensive refrigerators

If you are wondering which type of refrigerator is suitable for your family with the best preferential price, the following article will help you.

Let’s find out the top 7 types of good and inexpensive refrigerators

1. Panasonic Refrigerator

Panasonic is a brand from Japan, products from Panasonic always have a certain position in the hearts of consumers around the world.


Panasonic has brought many products to India and many other countries that are well known to consumers such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, rice cookers, microwave ovens, blenders, etc. Panasonic refrigerators are manufactured in India, Pakistan, Japan according to Japanese standards, so consumers are completely assured of the quality and durability of the product.


Some outstanding technologies in a Panasonic refrigerator:


Inverter technology: helps save energy and saves money for your family while helping the refrigerator operate smoothly, stably, and with high durability.


Econavi sensor: both restrict cold air release and adjust the refrigerator temperature to suit the surrounding environment, optimal monthly power savings with 4 unique sensors.

Panorama cooling technology: Cold air quickly spreads to every corner of the refrigerator, the new food will be cooled quickly, avoiding spoilage, preserving food in the best condition.


Some other technologies such as Ag Clean antibacterial technology, Multi Control system as well as some outstanding features in design such as antibacterial and deodorizing water intake tray, quick cooling Extra Cool Zone compartment contribute to raising the bar quality of the product.

2. Electrolux refrigerator

Electrolux was born in 1919 in Sweden. Starting with the sale of a vacuum cleaner, Electrolux is now known as a global corporation for appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, stoves, vacuums, air conditioners, and appliances. Small household appliances according to European standards.


Some outstanding technologies of Electrolux refrigerators:

NutriFresh Cooling System: Ensures constant and uniform temperature. Thanks to this, the refrigerator not only keeps food fresh, but it also saves up to 37% of electricity consumption.

Fresh Taste deodorizing system: Kills up to 99.8% of bacteria as well as unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator, returning a fresh atmosphere for fresh, full-tasting food.


Possessing a luxurious and stylish appearance and advanced and modern technologies, Electrolux refrigerators have been winning the hearts of consumers.

3. Toshiba refrigerator

Toshiba Corporation was founded in 1873, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. After more than 140 years of establishment and development, Toshiba is now one of the world’s leading brands in the business of electrical and household electronics.


For the most part, the refrigerators are equipped with typical technologies of the company that are capable of maximum power saving, excellent cooling, good food preservation, and good antibacterial deodorization. Power-saving ECO mode and Inverter technology save up to 40% of power consumption but still ensure stable and durable operation of the refrigerator.


The Toshiba refrigerator also features food preservation technologies such as the Dual Cooling Zone dual cooling compartment or the Ultra Cooling Zone soft freezing compartment that is worth your experience. At the same time, the price of this refrigerator is not expensive.


4. LG Refrigerator

LG Electronics is a large corporation in Korea and is gradually becoming a global and smarter brand in the future, with many products with new technologies such as phones, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, …


LG refrigerators have many types with many different capacities such as traditional top freezer refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, door in door refrigerators, giving users the freedom to choose the right one according to the number of family members.


LG refrigerators are also famous brands and have easily accessible prices for users. If you want to own a refrigerator that is both cheap and quality, don’t forget to look for promotions, coupons, discounts that distribution agents regularly update with the latest information.

5. Refrigerator Beko


Beko refrigerators often have luxurious and eye-catching designs and are equipped with many of the company’s own outstanding technologies, which are the features that attract customers to choose the most.


Not only that, the Ion-Ionguard generator deodorizes, the AirClean Filter has a deodorizing effect, ensuring a high level of hygiene and safety. In particular, the EcoFuzzy power-saving mode and the Vacation vacation mode integrated on the product are also a plus point of the Beko refrigerator. This refrigerator company often has promotions for new customers, so don’t forget to search for discounts and coupons before buying.


6. Samsung Refrigerator


Along with a contemporary European-class design, each Samsung refrigerator possesses many outstanding and outstanding features and technologies: Technology of two independent indoor units combined with multi-dimensional cooling technology to help prevent odors effectively and for optimal humidity between 2 compartments. Optimal Fresh Zone soft freezer compartment, Mr.Coolpack technology, and activated carbon filter are equipped for the product with effective deodorization and soft freezing capabilities.


In addition, the refrigerator also effectively supports users with the power-saving inverter function, suitable humidity control for vegetables, … to help you feel secure to use and store food without worrying about consuming a lot of electricity every month.


Up to now, Samsung has continuously innovated and launched many impressive product lines in terms of design and features, which are 2-door refrigerators with upper freezer compartments, side by side refrigerators, and bottom-freezer refrigerators BMF. As a result, consumers are free to choose a suitable refrigerator. Despite being a big technology company, Samsung always focuses on customer gratitude, and most customers who buy a new refrigerator at Samsung will have special discount codes and coupons. Especially if you shop online over the internet.


7. Sharp Refrigerator


Sharp refrigerators have a simple design but are still luxurious and modern. Sharp refrigerators all have a cabinet made of high-quality materials and are covered with shiny electrostatic paint to limit dirt, easier and simpler cleaning. The innovative and unique technologies of this refrigerator product can be mentioned as Plasmacluster ion technology, Nano Ag + deodorizing technology to remove food odors and keep food fresher for longer.


In particular, Sharp is also equipped with a number of other outstanding technologies, the J-Tech Inverter technology for optimal power saving or the Hybrid Cooling dual cooling system that is worth your choice.


Above is a list of the 7 best refrigerator brands with the cheapest price. Hope the article has brought you useful information for you to have more knowledge and experience when shopping, especially if you shop online, don’t forget to search for promotions and coupons before ordering.

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