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A Guide to Grow and Take Care of Firewood Clematis

Are you planning to decorate your garden in the best possible manner? Then why not go for planting the right type of plant? A garden devoid of colourful flowers will hardly reflect the required positive vibes. Among a wide range of choices, firewood clematis is easy to grow and take care of. Having basic knowledge regarding gardening will help in bringing a new life to your garden. 

An Insight to Firewood Clematis!

The firewood clematis is a perennial vine that is highly popular for its graceful appearance and fragrance. It is generally grown during the late summer. The vine is popular for an appreciable height and quick rate of growth. The leaves comprise of a mixture of shiny, leathery and dark green colours. Though a bit small in size, the beauty it holds makes it incomparable. 

This is a special type of flower that can be easily used as a cover for the ground. It is also draped over the stone walls and arbours. As the plant itself is massive in size and heavy in weight, a sturdy structure will help in its smooth standing. The base being leggy and sparse makes the plant look extra ordinary. If you are looking for the best way to keep its roots cool, then better hide the lower area with some additional plants. 

Taking Care of Firewood Clematis is Not Challenging

Once you are done with the planting of the vine, it is advisable to take appropriate care which is not difficult at all. All you need to do is keep pruning the vine after the flowering is complete. Also, regular feeding and watering will reward your garden with a gigantic sized vine that will remain blanketed with white coloured flowers. 

In some cases, it has been inferred that the planting of the firewood clematis may choke out the plants that are planted nearby. Hence, to prevent this from happening; it is advisable to plant the firewood clematis away from other plants. having a dedicated separate area in your garden for clematis will no doubt, be a great idea. As the seeds get spread on their own, the growth of such plants is automatic. 

Varieties of Clematis Plants Available

The firewood clematis flower is similar to a climber with varieties of different colours and types. The flowers can be found almost all along the year. There are more than three hundred species and hybrids associated with this vine. There are two different categorizations that include the following:

  • Large flowered – Large flowered firewood clematis is characterized by roots with the shape of lace. The dramatic flowers are exclusively scented. It is further divided into two different groups based on the season: clematis-early and clematis late large. 
  • Small flowered – Small flowered firewood clematis is easy to recognize by fibrous roots and exclusive scent. It is easy in terms of growth. These are divided into various groups including atragene, evergreen, herbaceous and many more. 

Having such a flower in your garden will no doubt, add colours to your landscape. At the time of planting, it will be better to have an idea about the right season to plant. It will enhance easy growth of the vine, thus letting you to enjoy the fragrance. 

Supporting Firewood Clematis

As clematis is similar to a climber, it needs support for an enhanced growth. Otherwise, it may be at a risk of getting destroyed early. It is possible to provide support to firewood clematis with the help of wooden dowels and steel rods. You may also cover the trellis with the help of a grid of a special type of netting that will act as a support. 

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