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How to select the best electricity meter?

When looking for a good power metre, it’s important to figure out what you’re going to measure. Is the load signal being monitored single-phase, split-phase, or three-phase? Which voltage and current ranges will be monitored?

If you’re looking for a power metre for home or light business use, a single-phase or split-phase metre is usually the best option. These applications operate at 120 to 240 VAC and consume less power than three-phase applications. There are a lot of meters available in the market that can help you shop ofr the best products without any hassles. You just need to make sure you have the right knowledge to shop for the correct option. Let us move on and understand how you can select the best electricity meter:

Installation Requirements

When trying to fit a NEMA4 enclosure for a metre into an electrical room, space might become an issue. Installation expenses can be reduced by choosing the right metre, however mounting must comply to the National Electrical Code (NEC). It is advised that the voltage leads be linked to an electrical source through an electrical breaker with correctly sized wire.

Current Transformers of Various Types

Split/solid-core CTs and Rogowski coils are the two most frequent types of current transformers used with power metres. Rogowski coils have been the favourite CT for contractors over the last decade because to their ease of installation and lower installation time. In applications requiring a lot of power, busbars and irregularly shaped cable bundles are prevalent. The versatility of Rogowski coils allows the installer to save time and effort. As a result of this benefit, these coils may be used in a variety of applications. The right electricity meters manufacturers can guide you in shopping for the right product. 

Setup of Communication

Pulse, BACnet, and Modbus, as well as a range of wireless solutions, are all choices for power metres to communicate. Pulsed output is quite popular in single-phase applications when the end user requires less information. Meters that employ modern protocols like BACnet and Modbus can send all parameters to a building automation system, giving the end user a more comprehensive view of their usage statistics. Because of the cost reductions involved with installation, wireless submeters are becoming more popular.

Configuration of the Field

If the erroneous part number is ordered while installing a pre-configured metre, it cannot be installed. Because the contractor may not always have perfect information when ordering, a metre with field configurability is particularly useful. These metres lower the chances of ordering the incorrect CT type, communication protocol, or monitored current range.

Total Cost of Installation

The overall installation cost is influenced by all of the preceding factors. Purchase price, labour expenses, project suitability, and efficacy are all factors in the overall installed cost. This cost can assist the contractor in better understanding all potential costs that may arise over the course of a project. Before choosing a power metre, make sure the installer understands all of the application requirements.

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