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A Winter Packaging Guide for Wholesale Custom Lipstick Boxes

Ever worried about how you’re going to design your wholesale custom lipstick boxes? It’s that time of the year and everyone wants to get their hands on whatever lipstick shade they can buy. If you have successfully launched your brand. And you might even have a stable running sales venue. There’s still something missing.

It’s you’re packaging. No, it’s not those cardboard boxes with dull brown shades. It’s something much more exciting. Like the hot chocolate you drink. The warm cosy feeling of trying new coffee beans. Your lipsticks should resonate sincerity and love in today’s world.

With better packaging designs on wholesale lipstick boxes, you get to do so. How? That’s the question we are going to answer in this guide to winter lipstick packaging designs.

Let’s learn what custom lipstick packaging is, and how you can use it to generate sales.

Wholesale Custom Lipstick Boxes & Their Need

Lipsticks are a necessity of women, and even men these days. And so are lipstick boxes for brands that want to get ahead. A lipstick packaging box adds charm to your already well designed lipsticks.

With additional components such as coating and styles of boxes, it was a pulling factor for many of the better selling lipsticks last year. These are also very important to securely pass your product to the customer’s doorstep.

Best Styling Ideas This Year – Winter Lipstick Packaging

Lipsticks can make your day. With a better unboxing experience comes more excitement. And this year, with new winter lipstick packaging ideas, here are small changes that give your wholesale boxes a new outlook.

Think About Colors On Lipstick Boxes

Having a bright red colored lipstick box can elevate how you’re going to present your packaging. Since colors play such an important role in making an impression, bright red and greens with blues are some of the best ways to represent your brand.

It doesn’t have to be too bright or too simple, you can amplify in the middle. But still win over hearts with custom lipstick boxes. This time, choose one main color palette, depending on the color of your lipstick.

Be free to choose what you like, and have fun with simple, or bright colors. Add ons go well with winter packaging and more. So, give yours a go and have glamour with it! You can make your winter holiday wholesale custom lipstick packaging with beautiful colors and gain more blue for what you sell.

Snowflakes Are Classic

Having a classic winter snowflake on your lipstick packaging can affect your winter packaging. A little bit of glamour with spring colors this year and snowflakes with ornamental add ons are winning features.

Minimalism & Packaging: It Works

It’s been the rule of packaging, not everything works for custom lipstick boxes. Try a new branding wholesale custom lipstick box with minimalist features. Such as opting in for a neutral color rather than a bold one with too many add ons. As it can reel customers away from you to another report of the shelf.

The packaging design greatly affects how lipstick boxes are going to affect your business. So going in with something simple never hurts. It can actually prove to be beneficial as it is also a non toxic packaging box.

Since Eco-Friendly cosmetic boxes are much needed, the less you use this year, the more you are able to be eco conscious.

Explore Sustainable Lipstick Boxes

Just as we mentioned above, Eco-Friendly wholesale custom lipstick boxes are needed in this plastic ridden world. Customers are also entirely aware of what they buy now. This sudden increase in environment friendly cosmetic packaging has caused awareness. Leading every big brand to make the sudden change of using better packaging material

Even though it isn’t necessarily a design, this type of biodegradable packaging can take your sales to the roof. Which is why being eco conscious can be the best trend of custom lipstick boxes this year. So this time around, design your custom lipstick packaging with better add ons that do not affect the environment. And use non toxic dyes for your wholesale lipstick packaging logos.

Make Use of Typography This Season

Typography can leave a bigger and better impression this winter season. As there are so many fonts to choose from, you can choose an icy font with dripping edges and just create that cool effect in your lipstick packaging.

No matter the color, you can use fonts to either classy, or seasonal with your winter packaging ideas. This will allow room for change and get you in the good feeds of beauty bloggers. A good font with an even better logo saves for a smooth luxury lipstick box no one can deny.

You can design a new logo for winter. Or even add details in a unique way to spectate yourself more. This is why customization options for lipstick packaging are important to give a special effect on brand.

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