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Drink the best water with minerals for a healthy life

Water is a source of life for every living thing on earth. There is a certain amount of water that the body needs daily to keep the body parts running smoothly, as 70% of the human body is made of water.

But have you ever wondered what type of water you need to keep your body healthy? According to World Health Organization, pure and natural mineral water is best for drinking and attaining a healthy body. Nature provides the purest and healthiest water; only 1% of freshwater is available for the human population on earth. We know how important it is for our life, still take it for granted, pollute it leaving us with few sources of water that are chemical-free. The purest and healthiest water, best water with minerals, are mostly available at a few places on earth such as Switzerland, the Puerto Williams region of Chile, Iceland, The great Himalayas, and Antarctica.

Now, everybody can’t go to these places; this thought leads to the production of natural mineral water in pack bottles; this way, natural mineral water is within reach of everybody.

How do you detect best-bottled water with natural minerals?

The best water with natural minerals will be odorless, tasteless, and processed without any chemical treatment. The packed natural mineral water is drawn in a natural state from nature-protected sources, safe to drink.

  1. Officially recognized

Every country has its standards and regulation to certify natural minerals water. The set of natural mineral water bottles of different brands will have its distinctive properties, the composition of minerals, and sometimes taste due to its origination from distinct geographical areas. Thus, you can find some natural mineral water claiming certain health benefits due to different compositions.

  1. Mineral Composition

As stated above, the best water with minerals is in its natural state could have different compositions of minerals depending on the geographical area. The brands can’t alter the composition of minerals present in the collected water from its natural source hence must state the place of origin on the bottle’s label. So, always look for mineral compositions such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, etc.

  1. Bottled at source

The natural mineral water must be bottled from a natural source rather directly or through a pipeline connection. The reason behind this is that the bottles are designed accordingly to protect the water quality and fitted with tampered-proof seals to ensure the quality and purity of water. 

Glass-packed bottles are the best and have the highest quality, but unfortunately not durable, thus not preferred by many brands for packaging. Hence chances of finding the best drinking mineral water are very high in plastic bottles.

Some certified brands that supply the best water with natural minerals

The given list includes the best water with natural minerals available online at various platforms to place an order, or you can order it from their official website.

  • Himalayan water
  • Hildon Natural Mineral water
  • Gerolsteiner Mineral Water
  • Evian
  • Fiji Natural Artesian water
  • Perrier Mineral Water
  • Bisleri
  • Aquafina
  • Bailey
  • Jal

Water is the driving force of living beings. And with the current situation, where due to human activities, it is hard to get water in its natural state. So, choosing natural mineral water is the healthiest option for drinking purposes. 

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