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Amazing Places to See in Medellin?

There are several compelling reasons to travel to Medelln, Colombia. This place is formerly known as one of the world’s most dangerous towns. Colombia’s renovated second-biggest metropolis now has a lot to offer. Due to recent advancements in politics, education, and social development, Medellin has been dubbed the world’s most inventive city. Medelln received the Verónica Rudge Urbanism Award for the Urban Development Business from Harvard University in the same year, owing to the city’s North-Western Integrated Development Project. The city’s distinctive tourist attractions include modern architecture, colonial charm, Colombian food, and recreational areas. If you have already booked your tickets with Spirit Airlines flight Booking, here is a list of seven incredible locations to see in Medellin, Colombia will make you fall in love with the city.

Parque Explora

Parque Explora is a science-themed interactive museum. Its goal is to become Medelln, Colombia’s educational and technical future axis. The largest aquarium in South America and a 3D theatre, TV studio, vivarium, and planetarium are all housed in the box-shaped Parque Explora. It also features rooms that have won national and international awards that you should not miss. It is located between North Park and the Botanical Park in the city’s northern portion, and it is accessible via metro.

More than 300 attractions and out-of-the-box science and innovation interactions await you. The 3-D projection room, the open physics room, the native gardens, and the fog forest are all worth seeing. This well-known scientific facility will not disappoint you. People from worldwide book their spirit Airlines flight ticketsto see this place, so don’t miss Parque Explore if you are in Medelln.

The Antioqua Museum of Fine Arts

The life and work of the artist Fernando Botero may be found inside the Museo de Antioquia’s walls. This must be your first destination if you’re interested in the Colombian and international art scenes. It is a massive structure in the center of Medelln, Colombia. This nearly 5,000 square metre mansion was erected in 1932, refurbished in 1997, and transformed into a museum in 2000. It is filled with paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery art, furniture, bibliographies, and serigraphy. Explore more than 100 of Botero’s works and private collections and 17 permanent expositions of modern, republican, and prehispanic art on free guided tours. The trips are customized to the interests and desires of the tourists. The city is well connected with all major countries. You can book spirit Airlines tickets from your nearest airport. Check online to get details of your nearest airport.

Plaza Botero

At Plaza Botero, you may immerse yourself in the city. Visit the Plaza Botero and the Parque de las Esculturas in Medelln, Colombia, to enjoy the great outdoors. Fernando Botero’s art is showcased in this museum in a public square. Admire the 23 massive bronze statues contributed by artists that can be seen in the Parque de Berro near the Museo de Antoquia and the Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe. These Botero works had previously been displayed in Paris, Madrid, and New York galleries, but they now reside in the maestro’s hometown. You may either walk past them or sit while having ice cream to admire the sculptures. If you face any issue while booking your ticket, you can contact the customer service of Spirit airlines reservations.

Parque Arv offers ecotourism.

It’s ideal for thrill-seekers and those who enjoy being outside. The cable car with the greatest views of Medelln, Colombia is accessible by subway or metro cable.

Arv Park is both a natural and archaeological preserve. On its 40,000 acres, there are 54 kilometers of paths. Gardening, night hiking, biking, birding, tree planting, and much more are just a few of the activities available at Arv Park. Interact with hens and cows in the orchards and pretend to be a local farmer for a day. If you prefer cultural experiences and botanical beauty, local silleteras may teach you about their traditions and customs, show you around their farms, and even lead you through a workshop.

The old government palace

In 1982, the old government palace and present headquarters of the Culture and Patrimony Institute were designated national monuments.

Belgian architect Agustin Goovaerts constructed this gothic revival public building, which houses Antioquia’s cultural initiative. Tourists interested in the Culture Palace’s photographic and historic archive are welcome to visit. The Culture Institute and Antoquia’s Heritage are housed within, as well as a library, cafe, art gallery, and a projection room with an auditorium positioned in the building’s dome.

Medellin Metrocable

Medellin is located in a large Andean bowl, and the best way to see the scenery is to take public transit to the Medellin Metrocable. These contemporary cable cars fly over the city and into the neighboring hills, providing unparalleled views ideal for a photographer. One alternative is to take Line J over public housing buildings and smaller shantytowns to an amazing vista near La Aurora’s last stop. Taking Line L up to Arvi Park, an urban paradise of wooded hills that feels a world apart from the city center, is a more popular. This large park is ideal for nature enthusiasts, with tranquil walking routes and various food and artisan vendors. Spirit Airlines has a user-friendly interface. In case you need to make any changes or updation go to spirit airlines manage booking.

El Poblado Coffee Shop

Colombia produces the world’s third-largest coffee, with many of the beans coming from the Antioquia highlands near Medellin. The fashionable El Poblado district is a hotbed of coffee culture, with a slew of stylish cafés serving up robust local roasts. But, of course, you don’t have to leave town to sample Colombian coffee’s distinctive characteristics. Pergamino is their granddaddy, with hot and cold drinks produced mostly from beans harvested on the owner’s family farm. Café Velvet is located just across the street. In contrast, Urbania Café is located on the further side of the area, with rotating art exhibitions on the walls and a fantastic range of Colombian designs. Visit Spirit Airlines official site to check the schedule and further details.

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