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Understanding why the popularity of organic wine is on the rise

Buying natural wine order online is better for you and the environment. Natural or organic wine is a wine that is made without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. There are a number of organic designations and certifications, with each country having their own requirements and guidelines.

For organic wine to be certified, it should have compliance with:

Avoidance of GMOs, avoidance of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, use of soil and land that has been chemical-free for a lot of years, a paper trail or audit trail for records including production and sales, site visits for the purposes of proper inspection and separation of non-organic product and organic product.

A lot of work goes into making organic wine and the high costs of production result in expensive wine. It is hard to rationalise paying more for wine so we will unpack why you need to do it. It is important to know that wine is more than just grapes. You can get some conventionally made wine that contains up to seventy different ingredients such as yeasts, food dyes, preservatives, residual pesticides and more.

Most wines available on the market are made by a few large companies. These companies make a lot of profits and invest in proper marketing. This ends up tricking consumers into believing that they are buying wine made from a small winery or vineyard. In the real sense, you are drinking wine produced by a large industrial facility and not natural wine.

To produce volume, the wineries employ the help of chemicals and additives. The grapes are grown with the use of pesticides and this results in wines full of sulphites. This is a stabiliser used to preserve wine and prevent the aging or spoiling of the wine.

These conventional wines may also contain added sugar to sweeten the wine hence increasing the calorie count. Large scale and high-volume production also require the use of machines for harvesting. Once you use a machine in harvesting, the fruits get damaged and this results in oxidation and the taste becomes poor. Due to the poor taste and quality of grapes, additives such as mouth-feel agents and food dyes are included in the wine.

Conventional wines also use a bacterial control agent known as Velcorin that is added during fermentation to treat possible contaminants. This control agent is a toxic chemical that has been found to cause coughing, troubled breathing, skin rashes, ulceration and even permanent eye damage.

Conventional wines may also contain a number of animal by-products. These materials are used to filter the wine. Wineries that produce conventional wine on a large scale fine and filter wine to improve the clarity and texture of the wine. Unless you buy your wine with a vegan label, you may be consuming egg whites, fish bladders or bentonite clay.

Terms to look for when buying organic wine

When buying natural wine online cheap, you should look for terms such as made with organic grapes, sustainably produced wine, no added sulphate, and biodynamically produced.

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