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Benefits Ayurvedic Medicine for Fatty Liver

Situated in the upper right of the stomach of the human body, the liver is a big and very important organ. It performs various tasks, more than 500 vital functions. The major functions of the liver include metabolizing carbohydrates, storing various Vitamins, converting fats to energy, making protein, processing cholesterol, flushing away toxins, others. This is the reason why the health of the liver is important and people must take appropriate care of it.

A very amusing fact about the liver is that it is the only organ that can be regenerated. Even after 75% damage, it can be regenerated without any loss in functioning and processing its task. With proper care and a healthy lifestyle, it is quite easy to maintain liver health or regenerate it in case of decay.

Among myriad other diseases, alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver is a common condition that affects the liver and the overall health. 

The ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda recommends certain diets and remedies to safeguard the liver against fat accumulation. Ayurveda restricts the consumption of foods that are too fiery or hot. They can cause disturbance in liver functions of purifying the blood of toxins and metabolising fat. The condition may lead to abnormalities such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, etc. Some of the recommendations of Ayurveda are as below-

• Aloe Vera Juice: It is a very effective juice to maintain the health of the liver. It mitigates the ill effects of highly processed sugar diets and thus fat deposition in the liver.

• Amla: It is very beneficial in resolving digestive problems and detoxification of the body.

• Punarnava Powder: Intake of this Indian herb can help in reducing the fat accumulation in the liver.

• Water Of Boiled Rice: The water of boiling rice is called maand in Ayurveda. It can help in boosting liver functions.

• Fruits In Diet: Regular consumption of fruits will not only help in boosting liver health but the overall health of the body as well. Papaya is especially beneficial for liver ailments.

• Buttermilk : Buttermilk is a better alternative to milk or curd. It contains more water and less amount of cream that is very easy for the liver to process.

Decay in the liver can cause various health-related complications such as disturbance in the digestive system, fatigue, allergies, psoriasis, cold sores, constipation, and hypoglycemia. They can further escalate into severe problems like hepatitis, jaundice and cirrhosis. As a trusted and established Ayurvedic solution provider, Baidyanath works tirelessly to develop the best products for the overall health of the body. It offers products that take care of the liver completely.

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