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What Is A Florida Real Estate Exam, And Is A Real Estate Online Course Needed?

The journey to get a Florida real estate license is interesting and full of challenges. Understandably, it can be quite stressful for you to appear for the Florida real estate exam. The Florida real estate exam is the final stage of your dream to get a real estate job.

Real estate has become a favorite choice among people due to its salary. The average real estate salary is about $43,670 in Florida. Many people take the Florida real estate course online to prepare for the exam.

To become a successful real estate agent in Florida, you need to complete the following steps –

●      Complete about 63 hours of authorized education

●      Pass the final examination of the course

●      Submit your fingerprints

●      Finalize the licensing application

●      Pass the Florida Real Estate course exam.

Before Registering For The Exam

Before you can register for the Florida real estate exam, you need to finish 63 hours of education before licensing. After finishing the Florida real estate education, you need to take the course’s final exam. You also need to submit your fingerprints and file an application for a real estate salesperson with the Florida Real Estate Commission.

If your licensee meets the requirements of the FREC application, you will receive an eligibility letter with an ID number that will be required for registering for the test. You need to understand that enrolling in a Florida real estate course online before the exam would benefit you.

How To Schedule The Exam?

You can register at Florida Real Estate School or call Florida Real Estate School customer care at 305-506-1315 to reserve your seat for the examination. If possible, you can place phone reservations on the same day. You need to have the following items with you while registering for the exam:

●      The authorization notice

●      The candidate identification number that is on the authorization notice

●      Your full name, address, and telephone number

●      Location of a nearby test center

●      The examination name that you will undergo

●      Your credit card number, voucher, or check.

Documents Needed On The Exam Day

●  You need to bring two forms of signature identification issued by the government and have your picture, address, and name. Your name needs to be the same as the one you provided to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation while filling out the application.

●  Approved documents include a driver’s license, passport, state identification card, military identification card, or a passport. 

●  You need to bring a calculator.

● You need to bring a Florida Division of Real Estate Notice, the certificate of having completed pre-licensing education, a Letter of Equivalency from the Real estate division, or a Florida Bar card.

●  A foreign language translation dictionary is required for individuals who do not speak English.

Is A Real Estate Online Course Needed?

Here, at Florida Real Estate School, we provide a real estate course program this contains a full review of the pre-license courses and other practice questions that you can find on the exam. We offer the Florida real estate course online as well.

You need to be familiar with different sections of the statutes, codes, and regulations:

●      Florida Administrative Code

●      Florida Statutes

●      Federal regulations and the United States code.

Contact Us

If you wish to pass the Florida real estate exam with flying colors, you can contact Florida Real Estate School. We provide full-time real estate courses at an affordable rate, and you can also complete the courses online. We have both pre-licensing and post-licensing courses available for you.

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