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Best Offbeat Places to Visit in Bangalore 


Karnataka has myriad places to visit. But due to the pandemic, it is not advisable to plan crowded or popular places. But do not worry! Bangalore also has some offbeat places that you might want to visit and refresh. So do have a look and choose one to go without any fear of being attacked by a virus!


It is 100 kilometers away from Bangalore. Mekedatu means a goat’s leap in Kannada. It is said that a goat was being chased by a tiger and in order to escape from it the goat took a huge leap crossing the valley. But the tiger did not try to chase it further, so this led to saving the goat’s life. River Kaveri flows into this region from the deep gorge valley. The water flow is very fierce at this place during Monsoon. So make sure that you step on the rocks carefully. And you can also plan a combined tour covering Chunchi fall, Sangama, and Mekedatu as they are nearby within a few kilometers.

Savandurga Hill Trek

Savandurga is the largest monolithic hill in the whole of Asia. Monolithic rocks are those rocks that are formed as one single rock in order to become a giant boulder. The initial part of the trek is difficult, as it is smooth and longer, especially when it is raining. However, you can find the directions marked everywhere on the hill so you cannot misplace the route. Here the inclination of the hill can go more than 45 degrees, hence you must be careful. Further trekking leads you to find Kalyana Mandapam, which is famous in the Vijayanagara Dynasty. As soon as you reach this place then it means you are nearing the summit. The peak has two temples and the view from here is unforgettable and a must-watch experience, Also Read: delta airlines reservation phone number.

Jayamangali Blackbuck Conservation Reserve

It is 120 kilometers away from Bangalore. The path to reach this place is good and tolerable. This Deccan plateau is converted into a reserve forest to provide shelter and protection to Krishna Mruga or blackbuck. In addition to this, it is home to other various animals like the common deers, mongoose, rabbits, jackals, etc. There are more than 80 types of medicinal plants found here. Unlike other forests, there is no paid or arranged safari. You can take your own vehicle through the marked places. You may have zero human interaction hence, a nice place to visit during a pandemic!

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Ittapanahalli Forest hiking trail

It is located 70 kilometers away from Bangalore. This is located in Doddaballapur and takes nearly 2 hours to reach this area. The road conditions to reach this area are good except for the last 2 kilometers. The main attraction of this place is the forest experience. The forest hiking here is a bit easy and would take half a day to complete the task. During the full monsoon, you may even see a small waterfall here. But do remember, you can visit this place if you are really interested in nature as there is nothing much to do here.

Thimmaraya Swamy Betta Hills

Bangalore’s most famous hill is the Nandi Hills. But it may sometimes be closed due to landslides caused by heavy rain. Hence a nice option next to Nandi Hills is Thimmaraya Swamy betta which is close to Nandi Hills. The hill is named after 500-year-old Thimmaraya Swamy Temple, which is very popular among pilgrims. Beside the temple, there is a village called Avathi village and a lake nearby. You can park your vehicle in the temple complex and start your hike. Overall it is an easy hike and within 40 minutes you can reach the top. And from the top 360-degree view of the surroundings is simply great. On a clear day, Nandi Hills and nearby ranges are clearly visible. 

Arkavathi River Backwater

It is 90 kilometers away from Bangalore. It is an awesome place for a family picnic for a one-day trip. The road condition to reach here is good except the last 1 kilometer. The river and the backwaters are the main attractions of Arkavathi. It would take a day to complete the whole journey to and fro. You can watch plenty of colorful birds and enjoy the Arkavathi river. Perhaps it is the best spot in Bangalore to have a nomadic picnic. 

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