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Nandi Hills Camping Everything to Know


The Hills of Karnataka are both, historically and culturally unique to one another. Each one of them stands apart from the other in the matters of their trek trails, elevation, terrain, location, and seasonality. The most historically blessed hills around have to be Nandi Hills. The hilltop provides multiple sights to the traveler like; historic, scenic and religious. 

The hills are called ‘Nandi’ which refer to the monolithic structure built on the hilltop of Lord Nandi, the Holy Bull. It was the favorite summer resort of Tipu Sultan and the British. The Yoga Nandeeshwara temple here has splendid metallic Dwarapalakas. There are ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, with exquisite architecture and sculpture, one at the foot and the other at the top of the hill.

The trek is fairly easy and has two alternatives to reach the summit, the north route, and the southern route. The northern route is well built with roads for cyclists and bikers. Though the northern route is convenient, hence crowded. The southern route takes longer to reach the summit as the trek trail does not consist of roads which is perfect for thrill-seeking trekkers!

This is an amazing point to watch sunrise and sunsets with your friends on your day off. 

There are campgrounds and resorts in the area where you can extend your stay in Nandi Hills. 

Tipu’s Fort, Nandi falls, Nandi Caves, Nandi park points to explore in the region. If you have a weekend off and want to spend it amidst the scenic beauty of Nandi Hills, you can opt to camp in the campgrounds at the foothill; White Woods Campground, Aura Camping, and Discovery Village. The hills are located around 150 km from Bangalore.

White Woods Campground Ground Zero Hub

This campground is set up such that you can enjoy the tents with a view of Nandi hills in front of you. The camping is very basic and simple. It is kept minimal with few tents, bonfires, food, and amenities like billiards, table tennis, etc. The ideal time to visit is post-monsoon when the ground is still covered in fresh green grass and the clouds interrupt your morning chai. 

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Aura Camping

Aura Camping has a vast area when it comes to setting up multiple tents. This camping ground also provides a spectacular view of the Nandi Hills in the backdrop. The area is neat and clean, provides food and a zip line for their guests. After spending your day exploring Nandi hills and the nearby tourist spots, come to Aura Camping and end your day with a swift zip line and feel the wind in your hair. Bring your cricket bats, badminton rackets, or a football you name it, Aura welcomes you with open arms as long as you are happy there. 

Mayavadi Organic Farm

Mayavadi is as organic and eco-friendly as it gets. This organic farm is a camping ground for travel enthusiasts visiting Nandi hills. The farm grows fresh produce which is later used to cook food for their guests. The experience of staying here is totally opposite of what you experience in resorts, hotels, and homestays. The farm grows most of the fruits, vegetables, and crops. After living a city life, if you are looking for an authentic village life where you can sit nearby the lake, watch the sunset and eat on banana leaves, Also Read: delta airlines reservation phone number.

Discovery Village Resort

Despite being a resort in the central location of Nandi hills, the resort provides its guests with unique activities and an astonishing view of Nandi hills. The infrastructure of this resort is simple and not loud or grand. This little rustic place has fully furnished rooms, a huge swimming pool, adventure sports like zorbing ball, rope line, climbing, paintball, and many more. The resort even has pottery and archery workshops which you definitely should not miss out on. The resort is occupied with numerous activities and so will your day. If you are traveling with senior citizens, this place is fit for them. Since it will be exhausting for them to hike to Nandi Hill summit, they can enjoy the hill’s view while staying here. The resort is open and has footpaths installed to walk among the quiet trees, colorful flowers, and misty cold mornings. 

All in all, Nandi hills provide you with scenic beauty, blissful nature and a peaceful experience even after the trek is complete. Similarly, the experience of staying in the tents admiring the hills will leave you wanting for more. If you are living in Bengaluru and your office schedule is tight, Nandi hills are here for your rescue. 

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