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How do Italian restaurants make the best pasta in Los Angeles?

Pasta is a common Italian dish that is liked by a majority of people throughout the world. The reason why this dish became so popular in a very limited amount of time was that it is cheap, versatile, and convenient. Several people have mastered making this dish at home and are good at it as well. Pasta is very easy to produce and transport around the world and this is another reason why pasta is so popular amongst other companies. But the question that arises is why is Italian pasta so flavorful and different in taste from the rest of the pasta that is available in the market. The answer to this question is extremely simple and that is because Italian pasta in LA is made from specific techniques and ingredients which makes it a whole lot better. Further on in this blog post, we are going to discuss the steps which Italian restaurants use for making the best pasta in Los Angeles.

Italian restaurants make the best pasta in Los Angeles by not breaking the spaghetti

A thing that people usually do when they make pasta or at home or even at restaurants that is they break to tend to break. Though it makes cooking easier, pasta and even spaghetti are not meant to be broken. The reason behind this is that when you do not break it and when you are eating the pasta, it is supposed to be wrapped around your fork. So, when you break it, that becomes impossible to wrap it around the fork. 

Best pasta in Los Angeles has a lot of sauce in it

This is another reason why people prefer kinds of pasta from Italian cuisine is because they use a lot of sauces in it. The only way to get flavorful pasta is by adding a lot of ingredients and that is another reason why their portions of pasta are so tasteful. Nobody wants to eat dry pasta which has very limited sauces in it which do not even arise the sensation of your tastebuds. Also, whenever you go to eat pasta at a restaurant, they make it freshly for you. This makes the pasta all juicy as it does not absorb the spices immediately. We at Burrata house serve pasta that is cooked in a significant amount of sauces with a whole burrata unless you ask for a vegan option. 

The way these restaurants boil their pasta

The way you boil your pasta makes a great difference in the kind of taste that it would have. Many people do not understand but this technique which you use for boiling your pasta does matter. What Italian restaurants do is they make pasta out of 100% durum wheat also called semolina flour. The reason why they use this pasta is that is made up of protein and stands up to the rigors of cooking. When this pasta is cooked, it gives off a really good taste. Also, there is a term called Al-dente, which is used when cooking pasta. Italians use Al-dente when their pasta is perfectly cooked because there is a very fine line between being undercooked, being perfectly cooked, and being overcooked. Therefore, if the pasta is anything other than perfectly cooked, it would not taste the same. 

These are some of the steps which the Italian restaurants make sure to follow for making the best pasta in Los Angeles

In the next section, we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions related to why the Italian pasta is so good,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Italian pasta different than American Pasta?

Italian pasta is different than American pasta because they tend to use a lot of garlic, cheese, sauces, and meat which diminishes the presence of vegetables in the dishes. And their pasta is the star of the show in most of the dishes because it is cooked to perfection.

Should you break spaghetti in half before cooking?
This is a common mistake that a lot of people tend to make while cooking pasta. You are not supposed to break your spaghetti in half. Though it makes cooking a lot easier they are not broken down so that one could easily wrap them around the fork. Any misconception that you might have in your mind related to breaking the spaghetti before cooking, we suggest you get rid of it.

How is pasta traditionally served in Italy?

In Italy, pasta is traditionally served in an Al-dente manner. The method that they mostly use and which is the best one is that they will cook the pasta until it is on the verge of being cooked. After that, the Italian food purists will drain it and add pasta into the hot sauce until it is ready to be served. 

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