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First Windows 11 Update Rolled out For Android Apps

For Windows 11 lovers, here is a good news, as Microsoft has released the first Update on 15th February 2022. You can easily download Windows 11 update in few steps.

What’s in Windows 11’s First Big Update?

Microsoft posted details about the update on its Windows Experience Blog, which is now available for Insiders to download. The update will introduce new features to the operating system and resuspend apps that are more than a decade old.

Let’s start with the new. This update adds a handful of useful additions to the Taskbar. Through the microphone icon on the Taskbar, you can muffle and unmute yourself in a Teams call. In addition, you can share active windows with your team in one click.

Windows 11’s first major update looks promising

Windows 11 users will be pleased with this update. It not only brings new features and a refreshed look, but it also takes time to fix some annoyances with the new operating system.

This big update shouldn’t be the last one for a while, says Microsoft. Currently, it must convince a world that’s comfortable with Windows 10 that the update is worthwhile. The company is already down in the dumps after Windows 11’s high system requirements and poor gaming performance, so it has to do everything it can to get people back on its side.

Getting Windows 11 off to a healthy start

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate Windows 11’s first big update since Microsoft set off the party poppers. On the Insider channel, you can try the update today news spot; let’s hope Redmond can build on this momentum.

How to use favourite Android Apps Features in Windows 11?

Windows 11 now includes native Android apps through the new Microsoft Store, a change users have been waiting for since Windows 95. Windows 11 didn’t ship with support for Android apps, but Microsoft has since begun rolling out a preview as part of the operating system’s first major update

First Windows 11 update

In some cases, you could access Android apps on your Windows 10 PC (such as if you had a Samsung Galaxy phone), but Windows 11 will make it possible for everyone to download apps directly. (Here are all the Android apps you should know about running on Windows 10) 

You can get Android apps through Amazon’s Appstore in the new Microsoft Store. If you want to use Disney Plus, TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest, and Uber, you need to download the Amazon Appstore. 

There is, however, a limit to the number of Android apps you can access from the Google Play Store.

You can search for free or paid apps in the Amazon Appstore once you download the app and create a free or paid Amazon account. 

Besides appearing on the Start bar, Android apps will also have their own windows on the Taskbar. 

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