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Best Strategies For Consulting Firm By Brian Mefford Is The Founder of Wooden Horse

What Made You Decide To Pursue A Profession in PR?

Brian Mefford “I worked in the political arena since 16 years old, and public relations has always been a major element of it. After 10 years working on the US democratic governance and democracy program in Ukraine and then I entered the business world to utilize my communications and public relations expertise. I brought my consulting expertise to Wooden Horse Strategies LLC in 2016 and am now operating a private-public relations and government relations company located in Kyiv, Ukraine.”

What Are Your Company’s Fundamental Values?

Brian Mefford – Founder of Wooden Horse Strategies “We appreciate personal friendships as well as hard work and doing things right even when they require more time. We are able to bridge gaps between American method and Ukrainian reality to function efficiently in both environments.”

What Has Your Company Done To Respond To The Outbreak of Covid-19?

Brian Mefford says “Like all other companies, we’re doing more remote work, providing PPE at the office for visitors and employees and avoid unnecessary traveling. In a strategic way, we’ve modified our business model to conduct more research in the past six months as contact with people is more difficult. Today, we have a lively department for research and analysis that provides greater opportunities and more services to customers.”

What Are The Top Three Things About Your Business That Sets You Apart From Other Agencies For PR?

Brian Mefford: “First, we are an American company in the USA that operates in Ukraine. We are a Ukrainian company’s legal structure, however, our management philosophy, strategy, and fashion are all American. The second point is regarding our business name, in the same way, that the wooden horse was the answer to defeating the 10-year siege of Troy We offer innovative solutions to our customers to resolve their issues. Our market segment within Ukraine includes working alongside Western companies to assist clients to navigate the often muddy waters of business and bureaucracy. We do occasionally work with Ukrainian clients, however, the majority of our work involves North American and European clients.”

How Would Your Customers Describe Your Business?

Brian Mefford “Pragmatic Effective, efficient and authentic. They know that they will get results.”

Do you have a company that prefers to work from home, or work in a team environment?

Brian Meffordsays “We are located in downtown Kyiv office, but because of covid out, staff has to work from home at times. Our method is a private approach, while the traditional school’ office with face-to-face meetings is the way we prefer to work.”

What Are The Most Difficult Challenges You’ve Faced In The Realm of PR?

Brian Mefford: “We worked for three years in partnership with Ukraine’s Health Minister to create and implement a brand new system of healthcare which would replace the outdated Soviet model. At the beginning of the project, there was a lack of confidence that the change would be enacted into legislation, or even be successful in implementing it. We did not just conduct extensive sociological studies to communicate the essential aspects of the change to the general public as well as locate the required votes in the parliament to approve the law. The new system is effective with over 30 million Ukrainians registered, as well as family physicians constituting the core to the brand new model. They have the trust of over 70% of the population.”

What Are The Most Valuable Lessons You’ve Learned From The Beginning of Your Profession?

Brian Mefford says “Always provide clients with an impartial assessment of the circumstances regardless of how dire. Find out ways to make the situation more positive. The majority of PR personnel attempt to mask the issue that only leads to frustration and frustration from the client. For more information visit Guru interviews

Which Are The Most Efficient Strategies That You Implement To Help Promote Your Company?

Brian Mefford “Personal referrals cannot be replaced. Our approach is to treat our customers properly, address their issues and encourage them to refer us to their acquaintances. It’s a formula for time testing that is never failing.”

What is Your Most Memorable Moment Working Within The Ecosystem?

Brian Mefford “Nothing could be better than watching your clients succeed against all odds. In legislative elections, advancing legislation, or influencing the tone of a public debate winning is never boring.”

How Do You Gauge Your Achievement?

Brian Mefford: “It’s simple: did the client achieve the results they want?”

Your ideal client.

Brian Mefford: “Our typical client is a Western business that is based in Ukraine and who is trying to navigate the treacherous waters of business and bureaucracy. We can assist with the best.”

What Advice Do You Have For Someone Who Recently Graduated From College and Is Looking For Employment With Public Relations?

Brian Mefford “In this world, where one’s primary aim is to convince people that black is white as well, you must make sure you’ve got a fundamental set of rules. If there’s no one that you will not work for, then you’ve no soul. Your values can be set low, but they must be accompanied by criteria that you won’t violate, or else, you’re a lost person.”

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