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Best Trapstar Shorts Elevate Your Wardrobe with the Epitome of London Fashion

Trapstar is the pinnacle of London streetwear fashion. This innovative brand burst onto the scene in 2019 and quickly gained immense popularity thanks to their signature shorts.

Trapstar shorts blend high fashion with hip hop influences and have become a wardrobe staple for those looking to elevate their style. Keep reading to discover the best Trapstar shorts and learn how to wear them to achieve an on-trend London look.

What Makes Trapstar Shorts Unique?

Trapstar shorts stand out from other streetwear brands thanks to their distinctive features:

  • Bold Logo Embellishments: Most pairs feature large embroidered or rubber badge logos on the front or back. This bold branding has become a Trapstar signature.
  • Premium Fabrics: Trapstar uses high-end fabrics like cotton, nylon, and velour to construct their shorts. They are made to last through countless wears.
  • Eye-Catching Colors and Prints: Trapstar shorts come in vibrant solids and daring camo, bandana and other unique prints. The colors and patterns make a statement.
  • Urban Inspired Design: While tailored, the silhouette and length give them a casual streetwear vibe. The embellishments and graphics take inspiration from London and hip hop culture.

By blending formal tailoring with casual details, Trapstar shorts straddle the line between streetwear and luxury.

Most Popular Trapstar Short Styles

Trapstar offers an array of stylish shorts to suit different tastes. Here are some of their most popular pairs:

Multicolored Embroidered Logo Shorts

These cotton shorts feature a multicolored embroidered logo on one leg in Trapstar’s signature style. The slim fit flatters the body while the vibrant embroidery makes them an eye-catching statement piece.

Pair with: Plain t-shirts or tanks in white, black, or gray to let the shorts stand out.

Pros: Versatile and easy to dress up or down. The embroidery elevates a casual look.

Cons: The multicolor logo may clashes with some prints or bold tops.

Price: $120-$150

Solid Red Bandana Print Shorts

These tailored nylon shorts are printed with an all-over red bandana paisley pattern. The elastic waistband has a contrasting Trapstar logo tape.

Pair with: A neutral cropped top or bodysuit and white sneakers for weekend wear.

Pros: The slim bandana print is figure flattering. The red color pops against neutrals.

Cons: The red color limits what can be paired with it. The bandana print may feel overly trendy.

Price: $180-$220

Black Tailored Shorts with White Piping

These cotton velour tailored shorts are accented by contrasting white piping on the pockets and back waistband logo tape. The front features an embroidered Trapstar badge.

Pair with: A cropped hoodie and high-top sneakers for an elevated casual look.

Pros: The tailored cut is flattering for most body types. Easy to dress up or down.

Cons: The white piping requires gentle washing to keep it looking crisp.

Price: $140-$180

Camo Cargo Shorts

These relaxed fit cargo shorts come in a black and white digital camo print. Details include elastic cuffs, side cargo pockets, and a Trapstar logo badge on one leg.

Pair with: White kicks and a graphic tee for a statement streetwear outfit.

Pros: The camo pattern and cargos make these shorts feel modern and bold.

Cons: The oversized relaxed fit may not suit all body types.

Price: $160-$200

White Jeans Shorts with Logo Badge

These white denim shorts have the look of classic jeans in a shorter length. Branded details include a black and red logo badge on the back belt loop.

Pair with: A cropped tank and flannel overshirt with black boots for day-to-night style.

Pros: A versatile neutral that matches with anything. The denim makes them lightweight and comfortable.

Cons: The white color shows dirt easily. There is minimal branding for an authentic Trapstar look.

Price: $120-$160

Factors to Consider When Buying Trapstar Shorts

Trapstar shorts have a streetwear style all their own. Keep these factors in mind when selecting a pair:

Size and Fit

Many wearers recommend sizing up in Trapstar shorts, especially if you prefer a loose streetwear fit. They tend to run small. Size up one, or even two sizes for an oversized look.

The classic Trapstar shorts have a tailored fit that is slimming and chic. The signature style hits above the knee.


Most Trapstar shorts are made from lightweight cotton, nylon, or denim. This makes them breathable and comfortable for warm weather.

The cotton pairs are soft but prone to wrinkling. Nylon adds a sporty look that holds its structure. Denim provides a classic jeans style.


Nearly all authentic Trapstar shorts sit above the knee, usually between 6-10 inches long. This is the ideal length to show off a pair of statement sneakers.

Longer lengths around the kneecap can look less trendy. Shorter lengths may not suit all body types.

Color and Print

Trapstar shorts come in a rainbow of colors from classic black, white, and gray to bold options like red, yellow, and camo prints.

Consider your existing wardrobe when selecting a color. Prints, graphics, and logos provide that signature Trapstar flair.


Depending on the materials and detailing, most Trapstar shorts cost between $100-$300. Simple cotton pairs start around $100-150. Shorts with premium materials, prints and branding run up to $250-300.

This price-point reflects the brand’s high quality and popularity. For most, it’s an investment in style worth the cost.

How to Style Trapstar Shorts

Once you’ve selected the perfect Trapstar shorts, it’s time to style them. Here are some tips:

  • For a casual daytime look pair with t-shirts, tanks, hoodies and sneakers in coordinating or contrasting colors.
  • Dress them up with heels and cropped blazers for night.
  • Maximize the mix and match potential by choosing shorts in versatile neutrals or prints.
  • Complement with other London-inspired streetwear like caps, oversized button downs, and logo tees.
  • Layer with an oversized flannel or denim jacket to balance the fitted shorts.
  • Stack with sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, or Air Jordan for an urban look.
  • Show off the shorts with cropped, tucked-in, or knotted tops.

The Trapstar shorts should make the outfit statement. Keep other pieces minimal and let the shorts shine.

Where to Buy Authentic Trapstar Shorts

Trapstar shorts are sold at select online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Here is an overview of places to buy authentic pairs:

This official brand website offers worldwide shipping directly from Trapstar. They carry the full range of shorts plus entire collections.

Browns Fashion

This luxury retailer with locations across London and online stocks the core Trapstar shorts alongside other designer fashion.


The iconic London department store sells a curated selection of Trapstar pairs along with other luxury streetwear.


This online retailer partners with boutiques worldwide to offer authenticated Trapstar shorts and clothing.


The resale marketplace allows you to buy and sell verified authentic Trapstar items including shorts, many brand new.

When shopping anywhere, inspect shorts carefully for signs of authenticity like quality materials, stitching, and properly attached logo badges. Fake Trapstar pairs will often appear cheaply made.

By purchasing shorts only from authorized retailers, you can feel confident you’re getting the real deal.

The Pinnacle of London Streetwear

As this overview shows, Trapstar shorts have earned their reputation as the epitome of London street style. Their savvy blend of luxury fabrics, of-the-moment prints, and designer details create shorts that are effortlessly cool.

Owning a pair or two of these iconic shorts lets you tap into the city’s vibrant urban fashion scene. For shorts with serious fashion credentials, always go for authentic Trapstar.

Have some favorite Trapstar shorts we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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