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Discover Why Trapstar Jacket Are a Must-Have in London

Trapstar jackets have become an iconic part of London’s streetwear scene. With their distinctive chevron design in signature color combinations, Trapstar jackets are now seen on fashionistas all over the UK capital. But how did this London-born brand establish itself as a leading streetwear label? This in-depth blog post explores Trapstar jackets’ roots in gritty UK rap culture, their key styles and prints, and exactly why they’re so popular to wear in London.

The Origins of Trapstar in London Streetwear

Founded in London in 2010, Trapstar emerged from the city’s bustling grime and UK rap scene. The fledgling streetwear label sold its first Trapstar jackets exclusively in a few cult fashion stores across East London. Back then, few foresaw how Trapstar would become the streetwear success story it is today.

But the brand’s bold logo prints and oversized silhouettes quickly gained a following among young music fans immersed in London’s urban culture. As Trapstar’s network of stockists grew, so too did its reputation for quality tracksuits, T-shirts and of course, Trapstar jackets specially designed for London life.

“Trapstar is born and bred from London’s council estates. It’s that authenticity which people connect to” – Will Adoasi, VP of Trapstar

More than a decade later, the Trapstar name has become synonymous with UK streetwear. But throughout its rise, the London-centric brand has never forgotten its grassroots background amongst the city’s working-class communities.

Key Moments For Trapstar Jackets

  • 2013 – Trapstar launches first series of quilted and padded bomber jackets featuring chevron stripes
  • 2014 – Opens Mayfair flagship store donning famous red and blue chevron facade
  • 2016 – Trapstar kit supplier for Sunday League football team Palmers Green FC
  • 2017 – Singer Stormzy wears customised Trapstar Union Jack bomber jacket at Glastonbury Festival
  • 2022 – Partners with cult football label Copa for special edition World Cup Trapstar varsity jacket

Trapstar’s Iconic Chevron and Camo Prints

At the core of Trapstar’s success are its gallery dept jackets boasting the brand’s most iconic hallmarks:

The Signature Chevron Stripes

Quilted, padded or smooth nylon – no matter the exact style – that bold, coloured chevron stripe featured on most Trapstar jackets is instantly recognisable. Typically combining navy blue, jet black, racing red and white, the chevron design offers almost unlimited colour scheme variations.

As a true style signature, Trapstar’s chevron motif sets its jackets apart from other streetwear brands.

The Trapstar Iron Gate Jacket featuring a tonal chevron design

Camouflage & Digital Prints

Alongside their famous chevron concept, Trapstar also deliver dozens of progressive camouflage prints and modern digital graphic jackets. From new takes on traditional woodland and desert camo patterns through to experimental DIGI suites with abstract graphics, Trapstar’s seasonal jacket print options keep things fresh.

Trapstar’s Digi Camo print applied to a padded jacket

No matter the actual design, Trapstar’s prints allow the customer to make a bold and unique fashion statement.

Why Do People Wear Trapstar Jackets?

In a city like London with its unpredictable weather and fashion-conscious population, outerwear is a particularly coveted category. Durability, style and practicality are all essential. Trapstar jackets tick those key boxes and deliver that extra dose of London swagger:

  • Practicality – Cotton, nylon and poly blends keep you warm and dry
  • Comfort – Oversized silhouettes with stretch fabrics allow easy layering
  • Status – Associating yourself with a premium London-born brand
  • Scene Affiliation – Showing links to UK rap, grime, football cultures
  • Fashion – Bold Trapstar logo makes a visual statement
  • Performance – Tracksuit and sportswear silhouettes influenced by athletes

Staying Warm and Dry Wearing a Trapstar Jacket

With lightweight insulation and weatherproof fabrications, Trapstar jackets deliver dependable performance when you need warmth and protection from wet British weather:

Oversized Layering Potential

Many of Trapstar’s quilted or padded jackets feature an intentionally oversized cut. This roomy silhouette adds streetwear swagger but also layers perfectly over hoodies and sweatshirts. By sizing up, you create space to retain heat and keep dry even when wearing layers underneath.

Water-Resistant Materials

Favoured outer fabrics of smooth nylon, cotton and poly blends naturally shield against light rain and moisture. For extreme wet weather protection, look for Stormwear innovation on Trapstar jackets like the Irongate Puffer which guarantee water-repellent technology.

An oversized varsity silhouette allows easy layering underneath

Combining Fashion and Function

While technical performance matters, style plays an equally crucial role for Trapstar jackets:

Contrast With Neutrals

Make your vibrant red or blue chevron Trapstar the centerpiece of your fit. Cleverly contrast its bright tones against muted shades like black, grey or white joggers and sneakers.

Complement Streetwear Classics

Let your Trapstar jacket become best friends with streetwear basics like hoodies, tracksuits and caps. This creates a cohesive urban look.

Make Chevrons Pop

Layer your Trapstar jacket atop an all-black outfit to make the vibrant chevron stripes pop even more.

The Top Trapstar Jacket Styles

With London’s streets filled with Trapstar, you’ll see many iconic jackets shining through:

Puffer and Padded Jackets

Quilted “puffer” styles padded with insulation battle cold snaps in true London fashion. Silhouettes range from lightweight bombers through to heavy winter parkas.

Quilted puffer gilets are a popular lightweight choice

Fleece Zip Jackets

For brisk spring temps, fleece styles like the Rivington or Raptor jackets offer heavier warmth without the bulk. Details like chest pockets and elasticated cuffs bring function.

Oversized Denim Trucker Jackets With Sherpa Collars

Urban workwear meets winter warmth with Trapstar’s oversized denim jackets, with a fleecy sherpa collar upgrade. Expect multiple pockets and a relaxed fit in line with streetwear styling.

Reversible Two Tone Windbreaker Jackets

Lightweight windcheaters get doubled up with Trapstar’s reversible jackets. Wear loud camo prints inside and tonal block colour outside for a versatile 2-in-1 jacket.

Oversized Varsity Jacket Styles

Trapstar leans heavily into varsity jacket and baseball bomber silhouettes. Traditional wool body fabric and leather sleeves get remixed with an oversized trapstar spin.

Best Places to Buy Trapstar Jackets

As its popularity booms, Trapstar is now stocked by over 500 retailers worldwide. But London still remains a top place to shop:

Trapstar’s online store – stocks core, limited and exclusive jacket drops. Expect new season pieces before anyone else.

London Flagships like Selfridges, Harrods, Browns – For immersive Trapstar shopping, head to their space at these iconic London department stores.

Size? UK stores – Longtime Trapstar supporters, their multiple locations carry wide collections.

Youth-focused retailers like Footpatrol, END. Clothing or WellGosh also deliver focused selections of the latest and greatest Trapstar jackets in adult and kids sizes.

Check sites like StockX, Grailed or Vestiaire Collective for reselling limited edition Trapstar jackets from previous seasons.

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