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Blue Royal Investments Review – Trading simplified for newcomers?

Trading used to be one of the most basic professions in the world. It relied on the basic human instinct to get better deals and exchange assets without having to go through multiple processes first. Today, trade is an international profession. One single trading bid requires a network of support so vast that no single person can be responsible for it. This is why brokering firms were set up in the late 20th century when the world was undergoing rapid modernization and traders were adopting new trading techniques that were showcased to revolutionize the markets altogether.

As the marketplace grew, more and more people wanted to opt into trading either as a secondary business or as their primary career. The network of support set up by trading institutions in the 20th century was in no way capable of handling the immense capacity of new traders. This is when the need for new trading platforms for the 21st century became prevalent. Therefore, new trading systems that incorporated trading assets and techniques into a digitized format were developed. These new trading platforms took over the trading world by storm and today they have a higher market cap than any other trading system in the world.

Online trading has made it easier for millions of new traders to contribute to the development of the world’s economy and for years it has relished its position at the top. Online trading platforms have come a long way ever since their inception and eventual incorporation into the world’s financial system. The pandemic saw a record number of traders sign up to these platforms as major financial firms were unavailable during the early stages and a lot of people weren’t allowed to trade during the height of the pandemic.

Making a decision

Just because something had gone mainstream and is based on revolutionary technology, doesn’t mean that it is free from all negative aspects. There have been multiple fraudulent online trading platforms and while professionals have enough experience to tell the difference between a good and bad trading platform, newcomers or beginners have a harder time selecting the right trading platform.

This review article is written for those who have chosen the career path of trading on online platforms. Unfortunately, when I was starting my career, online trading platforms hadn’t developed to such an extent yet so there were little to no reviews regarding their reliability I understand what beginners go through every time they are given the ultimatum to choose their platform of choice. Hopefully, an in-depth description of my platform of choice in this Blue Royal Investments review will highlight the needs you as a new trader will need and how you can decide for yourself which platform is best suited for you. It all begins with asking yourself the questions you have in your mind.

Am I going to be traveling a lot?

Trade is a worldwide phenomenon. It is synonymous with breathing to an extent. No single person in this interconnected world can live without the traders who are responsible for the exchange of assets in the international markets. Therefore, as traders, it is a responsibility that one must encompass to travel to different regions to conduct business. Therefore, the trading platform you have chosen must be operational in the region you will be going to. Online trading doesn’t provide much of an advantage if it cannot work outside of a specific area.

I kept this in mind when I chose the platform for this Blue Royal Investments review. I found out in their FAQs that they had support for pretty much all major financial hubs around the world. This meant that people could easily access their account info from any location with minimum latency. When biding in the open market time is everything. I remember using trading platforms that had support for different regions but the latency was so high that any bid I made would be useless by the time it went through. 

Blue Royal Investments was all good in this regard though. Not only did it support my frequent regional visits, but there were also specific tools available for use in case the area was in had some regional issues. This further improved my perception of the platform which is why I still use it to this day. Blue Royal Investments is my daily driver trading platform.

Do I need more than one transaction system?

Transaction systems are the bridge between your online trading account and your bank account. They are the primary point of access for you to deposit and withdraw the returns on your investments. Transaction systems are highly complex and are designed to be very secure. They rarely go out of service due to maintenance and are available on demand.

However, I have colleagues who use a single transaction system platform. On a rare occasion, the system that supported their platform had to schedule an unwarranted maintenance event. This meant that for a specific time, no users were able to access their account capital as there was no other path available. It just so happened that during this event, the markets were on fire. Every asset was going high and the sooner you bought in the more profit margin you acquired. I was able to get a hefty return on my initial investments as the platform offered 3 distinct fail-safes in the off chance such an event occurred which is something that needs to be highlighted in this Blue Royal Investments review.

This in my opinion is what a trading platform should be capable of. To anticipate that there is no such thing as a perfect system and that in case there is a chance of inconvenience to users, contingencies must be put in place to make sure that users aren’t affected by external events.

What does customer support have to do with trading?

Trading platforms might have been around for nearly 3 decades but they are still in their infancy. They haven’t matured to a level where they require no support from external resources. New traders are barely familiar with the concept of trading let alone a trading platform interconnected with the world’s economic system. There are always uncertainties when dealing with new issues that cannot be resolved by a trip to the FAQ section.

It is very uncommon for a trading platform to have an active customer support team as most of them aren’t inclined to spend the extra money on hiring staff to operate these support teams. Users on the other hand need these support teams as they have a better understanding of the platform. Beginners especially need support in their early stages. I’m a professional at this point and even I sometimes need help dealing with the platform’s trading system which is a good thing for this Blue Royal Investments review. Simple queries like biding analysis goes a long way in securing investment returns. Customer support teams at the platform deserve recognition in this Blue Royal Investments review as they have more than once taken me out of a jam when I was a beginner. It was nothing serious but it goes to show how much the platform seems to value its clientele as I was a mere beginner then.

Is real-time information necessary?

Real-time information is literally what the market is all about. Every bid that takes place in stock exchanges and brokering sites is based on the most current and accurate information. This is in line with the current trend that has taken over the market. Most of the time, having access to real-time data is the difference between large profit margins and complete loss. I for one was caught off guard when I saw that Blue Royal Investments had a complete section dedicated to real-time data analysis that made it so much easier to pick which asset to invest in and when to bid on it.

No such thing as an ideal platform

This Blue Royal Investments review shows that the platform has its perks but it is in no way perfect. I don’t have much to talk about its drawbacks as those that exist are relatively minor. One thing that I noticed was that the platform hasn’t updated its user interface for a while. And yes, if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. However, trading platforms need to set people into the mood of trading, and believe me I still am all in on trading on this platform. I just don’t know what other might think so it would be a good refreshing sight to see an updated take on the platform’s interface.


All in all, this Blue Royal Investments review shows that the platform has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure its system dependencies. The platform keeps itself up to date in terms of security and I have never had any negative issues to deal with. It is in no way perfect but it is the best option for those who are clueless as to which path to take in their trading career.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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