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Candle boxes that can take your business to the next level

Who doesn’t love candles? Their soft, flickering, and dancing flames are a delight to watch, having an almost therapeutic effect on the viewers. Candle boxes now come in all sorts of textures, designs, shapes, and sizes. There are now scented, teacup, gel, and even liquid candles. We light them to light our occasions and relish in their presence. Candle boxes have evolved with candles and are no longer just plain, boring boxes, as we will find out below.

Why the need for custom candle boxes?

When we talk about custom candle boxes, we mean boxes that secure the candle and complement its shape, design, and other qualities. It is a package deal where you pay for the product and the package. Here are some of the reasons that would compel you to invest in custom candle boxes if you are into candle-making boxes.

They provide all the information you need to share:

When we say information, we mean anything and everything that a manufacturer would like to share with his clients. They may include the following;

Brand and logo
Name of the product
The particular type of the product
Its advantages
Your company’s brief intro, its vision, mission, etc.
Candle ingredients
Weight, quantity, etc.
Any precautions, warnings, etc.

Custom packaging reinforces the brand’s perception:

If you want to buy a candle from an aisle full of different candles, which one will you choose? Of course, the one with eye-catching packaging stands out in the crowd. You can adorn your box with different types of attractive labeling and printing (as we will discuss below) and also wrap them with ribbons and colorful paper.

Beautiful custom candle boxes can create beautiful memories:

Candles are popular gift items. A beautifully packaged candle would make a perfect gift. Someone looking to gift a candle would pick it off the shelf and present it to whomsoever he wants. It makes it convenient for him and resultantly brings in more revenue to you.

Custom boxes keep the candles safe:

Candles are fragile items and take a beating from the weather if not properly stored and secured. A custom box provides all the necessary support and protection it needs. You cannot use random packing for every type of kind. As we highlighted in the beginning, there are several types of candles, and they require custom boxes according to their particular styles, which is why you need to invest in them.

Different types of candle boxes:

We will now briefly discuss different custom candle boxes that you can get made for your candles.

Lock bottom boxes:

As the name implies, these boxes lock at the bottom. You tuck in the flaps, and they get locked. The flaps form a secure lock, and if the material is strong, they remain locked, holding the product securely.

Crash bottom boxes:

They are similar to lock bottom; the only difference is that the bottom flaps are closed automatically using an adhesive or other mechanisms. It makes them even more durable than the lock bottom. They are ideal for heavier candles.

Straight and reverse tuck:

They consist of a top and a bottom part. Both these parts are joined to form a box. They are famous for high-end candles that are meant as gifts.

Window boxes:

These are extremely popular with candles. They contain a transparent plastic sheet on the top, making the candle visible. The customer can quickly inspect the candle and decide about purchasing it. You can go for a cut-out window in the box or a large window as per your liking.

Two-piece boxes:

It is also more suitable for expensive candles. Usually, it consists of a tray and a lid. It is also a popular style for making candle gift boxes.

Sleeve packing boxes:

A sleeve is open from both ends. You slide in the candle and put it over a custom-made box.

Candle insert boxes:

You can put a custom insert in a box if you are selling a package of candles. The insert would work as a divider. Or if you are offering a premium candle and want an insert to make it look classier with a snuggle fit. You can opt for this box.

These are some of the styles of popular candles. Other types of candle boxes include;

Matchbox type boxes
Tea light packaging boxes
Drawer style boxes
Candle neck boxes
Aroma box

Coatings and laminations on your custom candle boxes:

Several coating and lamination options are available for candle packaging to make them stand out in the crowd. Any good manufacturer of candle boxes would offer them, like Fast Custom Boxes. It is a reliable manufacturer of custom candles and other types of packages. You can count on them for premium service in every department, from design to final delivery. Do check them out. Now let’s highlight some of the popular coatings and laminations available for custom candle boxes;

Glossy lamination:

It laminates the box with a thin plastic layer that makes it shiny.
Matte lamination:
It is lamination without a shiny appearance.
Soft-touch lamination:
This lamination has a soft, velvety texture when you touch it.

AQ Coating:

It gives a faux glossy impression and is a water-based coating.

UV coating:

It is ideal for spot and flood applications with UV-cured ink.

Metallic coating:

It gives the shimmer you want in gold or silver colors.

candle boxes


It adds protection and is cheap because you are not using a sheet.
Other coatings can be;

Pearlescent coating
Food grade coating
Soft-touch coating
Printing options and special finishes:
These may include the following;
Pantone metallic
Digital printing
Flexo printing
Foil stamping
Spot UV
Spot Gloss
Window patching

There is no shortage of unique add-on printing options custom packaging boxes with logo. The sky is the limit here. You can go for any style and type as per your preferences and liking. It would add to the beauty of the box and make your candle even more special.


So, that was all about custom candle boxes, their different designs, and finishes. We hope now you know their importance and will customize your candle’s packaging.

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