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Custom vape boxes can help your business in more ways than you can imagine

Vaping is a hot trend among today’s youth. It has become a style statement and the ‘in’ thing to do. To make the vape more saleable, its packaging custom vape boxes plays a big part. And, when we talk of packing, we specifically mean custom vape boxes. They are designed and produced to make it easier for the users to make a choice. Here, we will discuss their importance and how they can positively impact your business.

Why are custom vape boxes so crucial for vapes?

So, now let us explain why you would be better off with a custom vape boxes as a vape manufacturer? The reasons can be aplenty, but we enunciate the tope ones below;

Think of your customer; they love customization:

Usually, a vape user is a discerning young man who tastes colorful and fancy things. He likes upscale things and has a premium feel to them. Custom vape boxes provide you with all that and more. You can design your package any shape and size you like and embellish it with stylized printing options. It will do good for your sales.

Vapes need protection, so layer them up:

Vape is a delicate item. It gets affected by weather and also requires careful handling during transportation. It calls for some extra safety, and custom vape boxes have all it takes to protect the product. They are made with material that is rigid, durable, and strong. You can count on them to get your goods securely.

Custom boxes help in the differentiation of your product:

There are hundreds of vape brands available in the market. A user with no particular preference for a brand or name would be in a fix as to which one to choose. In such a scenario, the packaging would be your best friend. It would set your product apart from the rest. Custom vape boxes would give all the incentive to the user to go for it.

Top material choices for custom vape boxes:

The most widely-used options of vape boxes materials are;
Rigid cardboard
Corrugated cardboard

Cardboard remains the most popular type of material for manufacturing custom vape boxes. It is readily available and is not costly either. You can have it in both plain and corrugated varieties. Corrugated cardboard is more durable than plain rigid cardboard. To make them more supportive for vapes, you can add padded inserts inside the box. In this way, the vape would get extra protection from jolts, shocks, accidental falls, etc.

Kraft is another popular choice of material for making custom vape boxes. Kraft is unique because it is an eco-friendly material made up of biodegradable stuff. It wins favors from those users who are conscious of environmental matters. It also looks good and does not lack functionality and durability either.

Printing & design options on custom vape boxes:

You can experiment a lot when adorning your packaging with unique printing options and designs. You can play with graphics, add images, use striking colors, have them in novel shapes, etc. Window cut-outs are popular with vapes because they reveal part of the product. It, in turn, helps in attracting customers. Other trendy custom vape boxes are as follows;

Custom Vape Mod Packaging boxes: These boxes are designed with modern aesthetics and chic appeal in mind. They are also characterized by sleek finishing and an overall premium touch. It is meant to give the vape a hip look with all the brand/logo and other comfortably displayed information. They are suitable for tube-style vapes.
Custom disposable vape boxes: They are another popular choice for producing vape boxes. Their color theme and graphics display are such that they appeal to a sober vape user. The colors are not precisely flashy, yet they are used with a minimalistic approach to please the sight.

Custom pop vape boxes: Now, these are meant to stun the user when he sees them. For capturing a roving eye, they use vibrant colors and create a gaudy look. They are made to appeal to the young crowd who want a distinctive identity in everything they use. Once a pop vape box user is always a pop vape box user. The user keeps asking for them for as long as he does not outgrow them.

Custom platinum vape boxes: If you want to up your packaging game for vapes, go for this one. It is the latest in design and gaining quick currency with the customers.

Custom dank vape boxes are a crowd favorite because they make part of the product visible to the users. Such designs are always a hit because they look stylish and show off the product.

Custom gift vape boxes: Gift packing serves many purposes. A user can take it off the shelf and use it for gifting purposes. It also grabs attention and looks pretty and stylish. All the attributes mean they can add to the vape sales considerably.

Custom vape boxes

Besides the above, there are still some other custom vape boxes like battery vape boxes, display-type vape boxes, vape cartridge packing boxes, etc. As you can see, there is no shortage of designs here. Similarly, for add-on printing options, options are abundant as well. We can sum up some of the popular design printing options as below;

Glossy, matte, or spot UV coating
Foil stamping in gold or silver
Ribbons etc.

As a vape manufacturer, if you are searching for a quality supplier of custom boxes, we suggest you consider Fast Custom Boxes. They have the technical know-how and experience to produce any packaging. Custom vape boxes can assist you from conceiving the design right to the last stage of execution. They can also provide you with free 3D mock-ups and samples, custom printed boxes. Their delivery time is the shortest, and they can ship worldwide.


So, that wraps up our topic on custom vape boxes. We hope you have fully grasped their importance and understood their role in highlighting the product. They offer a multitude of benefits and are essential for impacting customers.

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