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Do you know how long local anesthesia lasts?

In most cases, the dentist must pay attention to the area or teeth to be treated and this requires local anesthesia. Lidocaine is more common in dentists and is more likely to cause an allergic reaction.


Injected beer, in addition to anesthesia, usually contains a drug called a vasoconstrictor, which narrows blood vessels and causes prolonged immersion. It also contains sodium hydroxide, a chemical that inhibits the breakdown of vasoconstrictors and supports anesthetic action; And sodium chloride, which allows drugs to enter the bloodstream.


Types of injections

There are two types of circumcision. It blocks the injection, which covers the entire area of ​​the mouth, such as one side of the lower body, and enters the so-called small area, the area near the injection site.

Like most modern anesthetics, the anesthetized area or teeth remain anesthetized for 2-3 hours, while the lips and tongue are soaked for 3-5 hours. Zero decreases gradually as blood flow is removed from the injection site due to metabolism or disturbance.


Can I eat after anesthesia?

After you leave the dental clinic, you may find it difficult to speak, eat, or drink properly.

It is important to watch out for the sinking area while biting the neutral area, and even if it is not painful at the moment, it will cause potential injuries, when you remove the anesthesia, it will be painful.

After a visit to the dentist and according to what we tried after local anesthesia and especially professional advice when the effect of pain relief disappears, it makes sense to recover with a series of foods that allow us to return it.


Cream and soup

Always at high temperatures, not too hot after work. The melting consistency of this diet will help you not to chew and brush your teeth, as well as get vitamins and creams, and vegetable vinegar that are good for your body.



This food is easy to swallow and does not require much chewing, so it is ideal if you are about to have surgery.


ice cream

Ice is a good alternative, as cold is a natural vasoconstrictor, which means it reduces pain and reduces bleeding due to its anesthetic effect. Ice cream is always better when it is fruit-based, low in sugar and/or high in water.


I’m shaking

Always prepared with fruits and cereals and even tastier when made at home. In this way, they provide us with a constant supply of proteins, vitamins and minerals that benefit from their contribution.


Side effects of anesthesia

Local anesthesia at the dentist is usually a safe procedure and products such as lidocaine have not been shown to cause allergies or side effects. However, it is true that although side effects are usually very rare, some of the following may occur:


Hematoma: can occur in the mouth when the dentist injects the anesthetic with a needle, after which it is inserted into the blood vessels. It was a splash of blood.

Increase heart rate: When injecting, local anesthesia may increase heart rate in a few minutes. This is due to the vasoconstrictor drugs used by this drug. If you notice this acceleration in your heart, tell your dentist as soon as possible.

Nerve damage: This is a very rare condition with conventional injection, but when the needle touches the nerve, it can cause pain and anxiety for several days to weeks.

Wave impotence: Local anesthesia may cause temporary incapacity. After removing the anesthesia from the body, these sedative effects gradually disappear. If you notice this effect during the operation, tell your dentist so that he can close his eyes and not dry between them.

If you notice any of these side effects during or after local anesthesia surgery, contact your dentist so that he or she can assess you and identify the procedures to follow to eliminate the side effects of anesthesia. locally as soon as possible. .

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