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Privacy in the Internet era Private data Blackmailing Revenge porn

Revenge porn is the act of sharing someone’s picture without their consent. Read on to learn about privacy risks, which leads to blackmailing and revenge pornography.

Privacy is important for the safeguard of human dignity and freedom. Privacy permit individuals to set boundaries and shield them from an unwanted interruption in their lives. It is a basic human right, which should be provided to every individual. But in this Internet era, new ideas are being implemented in society which speeds up the development process. But at the same time, keep the privacy of people at risk. This blog will help you understand the implications of manipulating individuals’ private data, which resulted in blackmailing and revenge porn.

Privacy in the Internet era

Privacy is a significant part of an individual’s life, particularly concerning protecting the personal data that has been shared on a public platform or virtual storage. And illegally taking the individual’s data through surveillance by the government or hacking by private agencies is a violation of human rights. Information of the people constructs the country’s structure, if access by third-party can harm the whole nation. That is why It is mandatory to protect individual data. Many countries have introduced data protection laws to prevent data-stealing issues.

Private data vs Public data

Public data is the information available to everyone and does not require exceptional permission to get it. On the other hand, private data is the information that is accessible to an individual or any specific community or group. Private data is password-protected, and in order to access it, one requires the login information of a specific individual. But the public data is accessible on every domain and open to everyone on websites.

Public data means the information utilized by an enormous gathering of individuals and subsequently does not have any particular security. In contrast, private data incorporate personal information such as personal pictures, information, thoughts, ideas, and financial records. It is the information that needs encryption and is hence protected. It is fundamental to secure private data in this Internet era. The accessibility of the Internet and its widespread growth cause an issue in protecting private data. Laws have been created and changed consistently to prevent the individual’s personal data misuse. Misusing someone’s personal data leads to blackmailing and revenge pornography.


The simple definition of blackmail is a criminal offence in which someone threatens to reveal an individual’s personal information in demand of money or any other personal advantage. It is illegal in every part of the world, no matter where you live.

Internet blackmailing is a lot more scary and stressful to deal with. There are several legal ways to deal with Internet blackmailing. Even though you feel hesitant,  it is critical to reach out to the authorities for legal advice. Following are the few steps to deal with Internet blackmailing.

  • Do not have any conversation with the blackmailer.
  • Do not try to arrange the payment for the blackmailer.
  • Keep all the evidence of communication with the blackmailer.
  • Document the evidence by taking support from a trusted person.
  • Update your privacy settings
  • File the complaints about blackmailing to law enforcement.
  • Take legal advice from an attorney.

Revenge porn

Nonconsensual pornography, commonly known as revenge pornography, is a type of cyberstalking or harassment; it is a major issue confronted by a society in the Internet age. Revenge porn can lead to forever mental trauma for the victim. It socially isolates them and damages their relationships. Recently, the world has recognized this issue and set to criminalize this act through legislation. Technology is also helping victims by taking down the explicit content from the Internet.

CCRI (Cyber Civil Rights Initiative) play a major part in public awareness and assistance for the victims. A significant advance has been made, recognizing this issue and the consequences caused by revenge porn, such as mental health problems. Following are a few steps to deal with revenge porn.

  • Take steps to mention in the CCRI removal guide

In order to get your personal picture down, you need to report to the specific site where your picture has been shared, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Before you file the complaints, read the guide to know the process of documenting the post and what to expect.

  • Search for the law on revenge porn in the country where you live

There are different laws regarding revenge porn based on where you live. Find it out those laws and act accordingly. If it involves child pornography, cyberstalking and domestic Violence,   It is essential to contact law enforcement.

  • Think about talking with a lawyer

Suppose you do not understand the law regarding revenge porn. Take legal advice from an attorney to help you take down your picture.

Importance of data protection

Data protection is essentially creating regulations and rules to shield individual data and ensure that it is safe from outside sources. And the individual who owns the data should be responsible for handling and sharing, and no third party can access that information. The query that emerges here that whether the public authority should have the power to access all the private information of the individuals or it should depend on some limitation. These queries ought to be decided by legislation. It is worth focusing here that the advancement of technology is increasing with speed, and the existing law cannot protect data. That is why laws should be improved regularly.

Need a law on privacy threats like blackmailing and revenge porn?

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