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Dr. Jay Feldman a Mentor

It is not everyone’s dream as an entrepreneur or mentor. However, those who possess unique skills and ambitions that help them in their quest for achievement and recognition. Dr. Jay Feldman is quickly becoming a well-known and respected name within the business community due to his impressive background and achievements at just 28 years old.

Osteopathic Medical Doctor

Dr. Jay Feldman is an Osteopathic medical doctor who is also the founder of Otter Public Relations, co-founder of Otter Public Relations, and the creator of Mentors Collective, a podcast and media platform created by a group comprised of talented and successful entrepreneurs who assist each other in sharing their strategies to achieve success and a common goal of achieving an abundance of money and freedom. The group was formed for the sole aim of offering support to similar individuals, as well as being an educational resource for those looking to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Jay Feldman

Mentor’s Collective highlights well-known people in the fields of business development, marketing, and other fields of entrepreneurship in order to let listeners benefit from top-performing entrepreneurs and seasoned founders. A few among Dr. Jay Feldman’s most viewed interviews on the channel features Brian an entrepreneur author, speaker, and speaker who started his first company at 19 and who has also devoted his life to helping others create successful businesses online.

Facing Challenges

In this interview, Jay talks about how challenging it can be to put forward an idea and turn it happen while also juggling work and keeping a full social life. The process of generating and striving for the goal of success can be lonely especially when you’re developing a business from the beginning however it doesn’t have to be. The advice he gives? Join a group of like-minded people and join an experienced group of entrepreneurs sharing their advice for overcoming obstacles and creating an empire.

The path to success hasn’t been all that easy for Jay Feldman. As he has enjoyed great success starting a business from the ground up, he’s also had failures that have been a source of learning during his journey to entrepreneurship. He believes in taking lessons from your failures and using them to be crucial instruments to adjust the methods you use to deliver your message when you launch your business, or even in the initial stages of creating a business strategy.

Dr. Jay Feldman

Popular Strategies

One of Jay’s most popular strategies to be a successful businessperson is creating and following the daily routine of a morning. In another episode of the Mentor’s Collective podcast shows, Jay discusses the importance of having a routine for your mornings and suggests you experiment with the method to determine the best method for you. Jay believes this show is valuable due to the fact that the way he describes it is “the morning should be your time to have a few minutes to yourself to clear your head where you’re not concerned about work, to really set yourself up in a prime state to accomplish everything that you want to that day and to have a win every single day.” For many of us, it’s difficult to find the motivation to follow a daily routine, however, Dr. Feldman believes of the fact that “if you start by doing the same things every single morning, then it sets yourself up for a successful day, day after day.”

Potent Methods To Becoming And Acknowledged

According to Dr. Feldman, self-discipline and experience are the most potent methods to becoming an acknowledged and top-of-the-line businessperson. After working through four years of medical school curriculum that was rigorous He also committed himself to the establishment of three successful eCommerce businesses. He began making his name in the world of healthcare and also creating a strong social media presence, which is now mentoring doctors and other entrepreneurs. He is a person who is a role model and who does this by generously sharing his wisdom and experience with the world.

Dr. Feldman’s Secrets to Success:

Create An Inner Circle of Entrepreneurs:

Find a community of like-minded people who share your enthusiasm. Build a community of people who are dedicated to supporting one another.

Master Your Craft:

Learn to master your trade, then you can begin to offer your services for sale at extremely low prices while you study and grow. One method to accomplish this is to develop case studies that you can use to practice.

Ask for Constructive Criticism:

Do not be afraid to ask for feedback and critique. It is crucial to recognize that we all can benefit from one another’s experiences. We all come from different backgrounds and bring a variety of capabilities to the table.

Feldman let us pick his mind and explain what he thought of the pandemic as a chance, instead of an obstacle. The fact is that not only has Feldman increased his Otter PR over the past six months, but he also made the most of the new opportunities presented by the pandemic and created REX fitness which is an easy-to-access and inexpensive at-home gym.

“In an ever-changing world, it is necessary to be one step ahead.” Feldman is aware of the importance of both physical and mental health. Making a portable and affordable home gym lets more people access the basic requirement for well-being.

In the present modern-day day, fitness and health are seen as commodities, However, Feldman is not in agreement. It is a biological need and shouldn’t be restricted to those who are wealthy. In addition, REX Fitness is available to the public at a reasonable cost; however, REX Fitness’ mission is to bring an exercise program as well as free training in the homes of those people who can’t go to a gym without risk because of COVID-19.

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