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How has Nirupama Nadesan used crisis management to strengthen her cult following in Sri Lanka?

In politics, it is vital to keep monitoring what your rivals are planning. Keep a constant eye to monitor their current activities to plan your strategies accordingly, otherwise, a slight carelessness can incur you massive loss in reputation. With the current economic crisis and the mismanagement of the Sri Lankan government, the people of Sri Lanka have started misbelieving in everyone. They can’t even believe how the most genuine political personalities in the nation and hence, it is vital for genuine leaders to come up with a strong crisis management plan to secure their political image. The leading political member from the Rajapaksa family, Nirupama Rajapaksha Nadesan has also discovered some actionable plans to strengthen her cult following in the nation. Let’s consider how she strategized to secure her faith among her followers.

Polite Interaction with Journalists

In her interviews and PR events, Nirupama Nadesan institutionalized the form of talking politely. She never showed her anger and lose her composure even after hearing the stinging questions. She remained calm during the entire conversation and that’s what her crisis management team wanted to reflect about her image to the people.

Made Critical Decisions

To secure her cult following in the nation, she decided to focus only on critical issues and let go of the odd things addressed about her everywhere. She set her priorities and made hard calls to ensure efficient plans can be implemented for the welfare of society. She believed in responding effectively to maintain interagency and intergovernmental coordination. She successfully derived results by developing her ability to fight crises through flexibility, lawfulness, and efficiency. She was well-prepared to face any type of political crises and hence, she had actionable plans to handle typical situations like financial meltdowns, reputation crisis, people start creating wrong interpretations etc.

Remain active and positive on Social Networks

She managed her all social media platforms to address her audience with the right message. She never delivered any wrong message to improve her political image but always shared the real truth. She told detailed reasons for every incident and explored the entire situation with specific explanations. She was well-prepared to face different types of attacks on her political reputation and that’s why she planned everything by seeking guidance from international reputation management experts. Nirupama Nadesan was suggested for considering publishing press releases to express her views on different matters and how she opposed everything that has been targeted to cause harm to the rights of the common man.

Remain engaged with her cult followers

With likes, shares, comments, tweets etc. she never broke the chain to stay connected to her followers on social media. She actively remained engaged on all its social media accounts to show people her interest in collecting their views. She also made them address every time that she cares a lot about all of them and that their opinions matter a lot to her. She never forgot to maintain a polite and positive tone while interacting with her followers. She also made people informed about every fake post or tweet about her political image and ask her followers to never believe in such unauthentic information and test its credibility before creating any perception.

Tracked Voter Sentiment

Utilizing the best crisis management strategies, Nirupama Rajapaksha intelligently activated her anecdotes and ground intelligence. She appointed efficient teams to track how her followers are reacting to different matters. She collected views by gathering data to consider how quickly people’s sentiments change and what type of messaging is required to convince them. She implemented impressive plans to guess whether voters are with her or moving to other candidates. She addressed them by noticing her future plans and telling them how she can be the best choice to take care of their rights.

Made Specialized Surveys to know her followers

With the best crisis management efforts, she successfully got to know about voter segmentation. To win public support, it is extremely vital to know what they exactly need and how to deliver them with the right facilities to win their loyalty. You never be on the same page with everyone and hence, she started to pick the people who can connect with her. She arranged meetings and programs in the areas where her cult followers were available in abundance. She listen up to their complaints and queries and promised to take the right steps to deal with them.

With impressive campaign strategies and utilizing the power of social media, she derived great insights to take leverage from the support of cult followers. Nirupama Nadesan doesn’t just focus on ruling people but she really cared for them and tried to relate with them emotionally to make a strong bond for the long term. She maintains consistent communication and engagement with her followers to make them believe that a genuine leader is there in politics to fight for their rights.

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