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How To Choose an LED Lighting Recommendations and Tips

LED lighting devices for household use appeared on the market only in the early 2000s, although the
invention itself is already seventy years old, and the LED glow effect itself was discovered back in 1907
and was supplemented by a radio amateur in 1922. Unlike simpler and more understandable
incandescent lamps, LED lamps still raise a lot of questions from consumers.

Starting from high cost and extended service life, to incomprehensible to non-professionals color
rendering indices. That is why doubts arise when choosing a suitable LED luminaire, which requires a
good orientation in a variety of nuances. But you can always choose LEPRO for a reliable brand to rely on
your lighting needs. To simplify the task for buyers, our experts have tried in this article to answer most
of the questions to clear doubts.

Why is the popularity of LED lamps growing?

Luminaires designed for LED lamps are confidently replacing outdated models that work with
incandescent lamps. If initially buyers were alarmed and frightened off by the high price for lighting
devices, today LED lamps are pleasing with quite a moderate cost for such service lives that bulbs with
incandescent filaments can only dream of. They also pose serious competition to more modern lighting
devices – halogen and fluorescent.

Why It Happens?

 Of all the known types of lamps, LED ones are the most economical in terms of power
consumption with the same luminous flux. Consequently, consumers save budget money on
their electricity bills.

 LED lamps work confidently on inexpensive, low-power solar panels, making street lighting
shareware (the owners spend only on the lamp itself). In the presence of bright sunlight for at
least a couple of hours a day, illumination during the entire dark time of the day is provided.

 LEDs are the record holders for durability. In the absence of sudden power surges, they are able
to function continuously for 30-50 thousand hours. Whereas incandescent lamps withstand a
maximum of 1-2 thousand, halogen lamps – 8-12 thousand, and luminescent – 10,000
hours. Moreover, the operating conditions remain the same, without voltage drops, with
smooth adjustment of on and off. If you want to buy some for your shop follow this link to get the best in the business.

 At the service of consumers are lamps with different color rendering index. As you know, the
perception of colors by the human eye depends on lighting. This setting determines how
natural-colored objects appear in the light of a particular lamp. The reference lighting, which

perfectly reproduces the color characteristics of the surrounding objects, is 100 units. The lower
the value, the worse the colors are determined. The comfortable range is 100-80 units.

 ICE is available in different light spectrum, from more natural yellowish-sunny, warm, to cold
bluish-white. The spectrum affects the psychological state and performance of people. So, for
example, warm light with a color temperature of 1700 K, imitating a candle flame, relaxes,
creates a comfortable, calm mood. And the cold one, whose color temperature is equal to 5401
K, increases efficiency, helps to concentrate, increases the speed of thinking.

Why You Should Focus on Parameters to Get LED Lighting?

In order for a lamp for a living room, bedroom or workroom to become an ideal, faithful assistant in
business and everyday life, and not serve as an annoying factor during rest, it is necessary to correctly
select all the characteristics of the device.

When choosing, first of all, they are guided by the purpose of the room in which the products are
supposed to be installed, and the practical need. So, in the bedroom, they create a cozy, intimate
atmosphere, and for a workshop or a desktop you need bright, not distorting small details, and
comfortable for the eyes lighting.

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