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10 TV Shows with Awe-Inspiring Cinematography

Over the years, TV shows have really caught up with movies and even gone beyond them when it comes
to cinematography. Previously, producers worked more diligently on movies, while TV was considered
an inferior medium. With the advent of streaming services, this has thankfully changed, and TV shows
are getting their due attention.

Now, people want to access the best channels through their Cox cable packages and watch some of the
top-rated shows around. You’ll also see that the production budgets and quality of these shows have
gone up considerably. Therefore, viewers now expect decent visuals which accentuate the story and set
the tone. Production and camera technology has also evolved in such a way that these visuals can be
achieved if planned properly. Here are a few shows which really showcase gorgeous cinematography.


This HBO show really captured the Chernobyl tragedy on a personal level. It was shot and produced in
such a beautiful way, that even the aesthetics themselves evoke strong emotions. While the use of greys
and other such colors may seem monotonous, this show used them perfectly, setting the tone.

Downton Abbey

Set over a few historical periods in Britain, Downton Abbey explores the lives of a noble family. It is shot
quite beautifully, with multiple sets depicted in an excellent manner. The kitchen scenes which show the
family’s domestic staff and the luxe scenes are depicted equally well, with the right soundtracks to
accompany them.

Game of Thrones

This epic fantasy, again by HBO, features some of the best TV show cinematography in recent times. It
covered a vast range of terrains and scenery, with the visuals showcasing different areas of Westeros in
their full splendor. These subtle scenery and color palette differences really stood out. In addition, as
the characters progressed, they were filmed and framed accordingly, in a truly powerful way.

The Handmaid’s Tale

This haunting TV show covers a dystopian time without going overboard with the visuals. It makes the
environment look as real as possible, emphasizing how plausible such a future is. Its color tones are part
of the story, and what truly stands out is how they differ between the archaic Gilead and modern

Altered Carbon

Another dystopian show, Altered Carbon embodies a more classic science fiction aesthetic, complete
with neon colors and bright lights. While it is a highly underrated show, its visuals are well worth
mentioning. They evoke iconic movies such as Blade Runner and Akira, with a determined futuristic look.


Hannibal was an excellent prequel to the Silence of the Lambs. This show really made its mark,
especially with its outstanding visuals. While many of these visuals were quite horrific, with lots of gore

and body horror, they really drove the point home. Those shots where Mads Mikkelsen serves up meals
of dubious origin are unforgettable, and a testament to good cinematography.

American Gods

This show was based on the iconic novel by Neil Gaiman. Therefore, it really focused on the mythological
element, with numerous cultures and time periods covered. The visuals stand out because they cover
the grandeur of the concept of gods and goddesses very well. They combine realism and fantasy in just
the right way.


Westworld is one of the most beautiful shows to grace your screens. While it started off quite tamely, it
steadily evolved into one of the most evocative shows in recent times. Its cinematography also evolved
over the episodes, to reflect the changing consciousness and tone of the show. It had some truly
unnerving scenes which were made all the more effective with great cinematography.

The Crown

This award-winning Netflix show has really brought the Britishroyal family back into global

conversations. It covers a large historical period and has been shot quite beautifully. The scenes where
Queen Elizabeth II faces some truly character-progressing challenges are some of the bests on TV.
Therefore, it is no surprise how well this show has been received.

Black Mirror

It is quite clear from this list that dystopian shows stand out when it comes to cinematography. Black
Mirror is no exception and is one of the most harrowing yet well-made shows in this era. Each episode
evokes different feelings, with a sense of dread and possibility looming all over them. The realistic way
they’ve been shot just shows how plausible their what-ifs are, and how we may just be living through
the future Black Mirror hypothesized.

So, these were some of the TV shows with the best cinematography in recent history. All of them are
worth watching, so get those snacks ready!

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