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How to Utilize YouTube Community Tab?

YouTube was around for what seems like the longest time. Its value to subscribers seeking to promote their business is also growing. According to research, nearly 9 out of 10 marketers intend to employ YouTube as part of their marketing strategy. Establishing a solid community made up of YouTube subscribers who hold on to every word you say is one way to do this. The community tab on YouTube tool creators can establish connections with their fans and promote their brand and any products they intend to sell. Users can interact with creators’ posts and comments and share and build a community over time. Let’s look at what a “community” tab is and how it could create successful marketing and branding methods.

Basics of using a Community tab

The first thing to do is. Your channel should be over 1000 subscribers to gain access to the community tab. If your channel successfully meets the threshold, it might take up to one week before the tab will appear.

When the community tab is activated, you can begin making posts and engaging with your readers. The process of creating your first post using this tab it’s straightforward. All you have to do is sign up to YouTube, select upload on the upper right-hand side of the screen, and select the “Create post ” option. You can choose a variety of ways to structure a post. You can create an essay post and add a video, poll, or GIF. After you’ve finished, you can click post, and you’re good to go. The YouTube subscribers will see your post on their feeds and receive a notification every whenever you post.

How can you market your business using Community Tab?

Consider this tab’s community aspect as a complement to your regular uploads and as a way to connect with your followers and monitor your audience’s response. Its comments and likes in your tab for the community are other indicators you can utilize to convince advertisers of the importance of your social media profile and draw advertisers. You can buy YouTube likes and comments for the same reason.

Inform your audience

In the beginning, you have to inform your followers that there is a community section. It is possible to create a brief and snappy video for your main channel and request viewers and subscribers to use the community tab to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Encourage other creators

It is possible to join with other creators’ community tabs to draw attention to your own, and, in time, you can establish a cross-channel promotional network. The more people are aware of the community channel, the more effective. Even long-time subscribers might need to be instructed to keep an eye out for announcements on the channel for community members. If you’re just beginning to get comfortable with

the community tab, your followers won’t be able they should engage with you. If you’ve got a second channel, vlog, or podcast, you may use this tab for the community to advertise that as well.

Collect feedback and ideas via crowdsourcing

Make use of your YouTube community section to survey your viewers, solicit suggestions for videos to be made, and comment on old ones.

Teasers to advertise your main video

Use your community page to create anticipation for a forthcoming video, keep track of the progress and announce how soon the content will be posted. Specific YouTube creators do not adhere to the same schedule. For these types of people, the community tab is an excellent method to keep their audience in the loop, acknowledge any delays and inform them of the latest happenings in their lives. Post-behind-the-scenes photos and titbits of information from your day-to-day life. This is an excellent method to fill the gaps between uploads and ensure your viewers don’t lose interest in your channel. The algorithm doesn’t penalize you for limiting views for your content.

Advertise your products and websites

Use this tab for the community to advertise your online store, website, or products. If you’re a YouTube creator and have an event coming up, make use of this tab for the community to point subscribers to a website to purchase tickets. The community tab can notify subscribers of the latest march releases and styles.

Unscripted authenticity

Make sure you are genuine and creative with your community tab. Remember that your audience has already seen the edited, polished, and scripted content on your main channel. Utilize your community section to showcase your wit, vulnerability, and sense of humour. People like the feeling like they are part of your family and family—post updates on your relationship, break-ups or make-ups, and even happy news. You’ll also create a community of genuine YouTube subscribers who will stand by you in the most challenging times.

Respond to comments

Show your community that you care. Keep your favourite comments. Respond to questions, and viewers will see that you’re paying attention.

Top of the page comments

Make sure to post humorous or exciting comments from your community to the top of your list, maybe a comment from a fellow YouTuber and Picuki or even an old-time subscriber. Your audience will see it first when they go to your community’s posts. This is an excellent method to ensure that the discussion stays going.

Promote a collaboration video

Send out information and updates regarding an upcoming collaboration with a YouTuber. Make sure your followers are aware of the news. Perhaps add a countdown timer to intensify the excitement. You could ask your co-collaborator to replicate the idea for their channel and create an inter-channel campaign.


Utilize this tab for the community to reach out to long-time subscribers or even other creators. Utilize the feature @mention to make someone’s day. Special mentions are a fantastic method to show your appreciation and increase loyalty from your subscribers.

Members-only share posts

Specific channels on YouTube provide channel memberships a monthly subscription fee to your channel to access exclusive content. Use your community section to express gratitude to the exclusive subscribers for their loyalty by this tab. You could make use of it to create your exclusive content directly. A satisfied, happy, and well-cared-for audience will continue to return to get more. Other subscribers might be enticed to leave comments to enjoy the same advantages.

Host the Q&A

Utilize the community tab to create an “ask me anything” style Q&A. It isn’t an option for creators to respond to or interact with all comments on their videos. By letting the audience know before the event via the community tab of your Q&A feature, subscribers who want to participate can be there early and early to receive answers. You may even find new followers this way.

Find support for this project.

Do you host an award ceremony, need votes to win an award, or hold an event? Gather your subscribers for their support by using the tab for the community. Include relevant hyperlinks and direct traffic wherever you need it.


Whether you’re a primary or medium creator or a medium creator, thanking the subscribers for their support by offering the giveaway is a fantastic method. The winner will likely post the news via social networks, thereby expanding the audience for your site. Everyone loves freebies. There are even new subscribers who sign up to take part. It could be somewhat shady to get subscribers in this manner. However, if your content is valuable and robust and valuable, new subscribers will surely stay. You can also utilize your community section to post reminders updates about the conditions, changes, etc. As they reach certain subscribers’ targets, some channels will host giveaways to push them over the line.

Gain number of views on old YouTube videos

Utilize this tab for the community to showcase your older videos that did not gain enough popularity. It is possible to direct viewers to a particular course you’ve created for them. They’ll have to click on the link. Directing traffic to another website or an area where you are looking for views is an excellent approach to utilize your community section.

Click on the bell icon.

You’ve seen YouTubers request their viewers to sign up and click the bell icon to be notified at the close of the videos. You could do the same via this community section.

Show off your products.

Do you have a creator who also sells items on the internet? Sure, you can send your followers to a merchandising page or website. It is, however, better to utilize photographs. Upload a picture of the new products you’ve introduced or are planning to launch. Also, your subscribers can ask questions regarding pricing, sizes, and other questions directly on the community tab.

Send memes and GIFs

Visuals are more engaging than words. Utilize this community section to post topical and trending memes that inspire your viewers to laugh and be engaged. If you cannot think of anything you can do, simply share a funny photo of yourself and a meme-worthy caption.

It is an excellent way to allow creators to keep subscribers at their side and provide clarifications on issues, get feedback, and more. The best part is that you can use it to attract attention from people who aren’t your friends. Most people are unaware that the community posts aren’t limited to your subscribers. Anyone who is on YouTube who might be interested in your content could be able to see your community post in their feed. YouTube itself confirmed a community tab to boost visibility by displaying community posts to the appropriate users, wherever they might be. The community tab is a fantastic method to increase the growth of your channel and the personal branding of your brand. Make use of it effectively and consistently to reap the most significant rewards.

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