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Review the designing aspects of the Kitchen Interior here!

When we think about renovating our home, our list includes bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, balconies, kids’ rooms. But generally, we forget the kitchen area where you are going to cook delicious food. It is the place that brings happiness and taste to each family member. Before going out of the house, it is the place from where you come to drink water or have breakfast.


After our living room, this is the place where people love to visit again and again. When the guest comes to your place they often visit your kitchen area too. No matter how well you renovate your home if your kitchen is not improved with the style of furniture or even does not paint well things look incomplete. It also diminishes the feel of improvement of the house.


Interior designers understand this instance so they are coming up with new styles and new furniture setups. They do analyze the place of your home, client’s requirements, and budget. Nowadays three types of styles are popular: Modern, Traditional, Contemporary. Every theme is unique in its way. 


You can decorate your home by consulting residential interior designers in mumbai in any of the above styles and give a modern touch to each decorative piece, kitchen appliances, and compartments in an ideal space.

How to Decorate the Kitchen and its Cabinet in a Modern style?

Interior Designers think practically and design logically and give a perfect modern look to your place. No matter which place or corner of the house you are going to renovate we need to follow every step including Space analysis, planning, selection of kitchen appliances, electronics items, switchboards positions, cabinet design & positioning, floor finishing & polishing, color selection, or another thing.


Every individual has a different sense of style and it is the job of residential designers to take inspiration from the client’s ideas and position things accordingly.


The kitchen interior design takes a lot of time and effort as we need to position many appliances, electronic items such as Microwave, Mixer Grinder, Refrigerator, and others. There is a specific position for every cabinet/ drawer as per convenience. We need to select the design and type of these cabinets with perfect storage space.


Nowadays, people check out every small thing before purchasing any home including its design, natural light, ceiling, flooring, space, and expense if they feel they need to renovate or remodel the things in the future or now.


You may find numerous interior designing articles and reference pictures of top interior designers in mumbai or nearby locations available on the web but your personal touch makes the difference. Not all things work best for everyone. Before locking your choices and designs you need to go through various aspects of the Kitchen interior so you won’t regret it in the future.



  • What are the main appliances you use in the kitchen frequently or you are going to set up after the renovation, check out their designs and models that can easily position in your kitchen?



  • Color combination and paints variety: Interior designers have catalogs book in which you can check door designers, colors, texture, paints variety, etc. Select the one wisely so it would not stain in a while or get affected by water, or dust particles or oil, etc. Kids have a habit to show their talents on walls with colors or sometimes by mistake if grease or food spills it diminishes the overall look of the home.


You can install tiles, wallpapers, laminated sheets or paints in your kitchen area and improve the look of the kitchen.



  • Discuss with your interior designers regarding the plumbing instruments fittings for garbage and drainage management ways, heating/ boiling units, geysers, temperature controller units, etc.



  • While you are installing outlets for kitchen appliances, consider the safety measures too. The positioning and installation should be done in accordance with standard electrical requirements and modern interior.



  • Implement some lightning effects in your kitchen area, but at the same time remember the position it should be comfortable rather than distractive.



  • Different types of flooring options popular for the kitchen renovation:

Concrete Flooring

Carpet Flooring

Cork Flooring

Timber Flooring

Stone Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

It should be durable, comfortable to walk on and not so slippery.



  • Cabinets/ Storage is a topic of discussion. Interior designers are experimenting with the layouts, designing, and finishing. Hardware items are also coming in creative styles. You can find different types of storage options on the web that you can ask your designer to utilize the space. 
  • Curtains or Blinds: Some people prefer blinds and some choose curtains. You can select as per the convenience.


Makeover your kitchen with available styling options, decoration ideas and other residential interior designers reviews.



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