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Amped Wireless Setup Of All The Routers

Amped Wireless

Amped routers constructed with the trendy technological know-how such as MIMO, beamforming. MIMO science gives blazing web to more than one units at the identical time and beamforming technological know-how offers net at once to the machine as an alternative than sending the sign equally in all directions. You can host storage gadgets with USB three and USB two Ports handy on nearly all Amped routers. There are LED lights to let a consumer understand about the popularity of the router.


A person can flip them off with the aid of urgent the on/off button at the lower back of the router. You can put all the modern routers of Amped on the shelf as nicely as mount them on a wall. The Amped wi-fi setup of all the routers is convenient and you can without difficulty configure it by way of login to the dashboard via gaining access to The configurations encompass altering the community identify and password, altering the wi-fi security, checking web connection speed, putting parental controls, setup visitor access, and an awful lot more.

Power/Logo LED:

Indicates when the Range Extender is powered on. The LED will stay lit when the Range Extender is plugged into a electricity outlet. When the WPS or Reset buttons are pressed, the LED will start to blink.

Wired Port LED:

Indicates when a networking system is linked to a wired port on the backside of the Range Extender. The LED blinks hastily when wired data traffic is transmitted or received.

Top and Bottom Panel Description

Antenna Connector:

RJ-SMA antenna connector. Compatible with all antennas that have RP-SMA connectors. Upgradable to a excessive reap antenna for extra range.


Push down as soon as to reboot the Range Extender. Hold down for 5-10 seconds to reset the Range Extender lower back to manufacturing unit settings. WPS: Hold down for three seconds to allow WPS push button configuration. Wired: RJ-45 port for connecting wired computer systems or network devices.


Find a Setup Location

The region of the place you set up the Range Extender is very necessary to how it will function. The optimal setup place need to be someplace no greater than midway between your Wi-Fi router and your Wi-Fi dead zone

Connect your PC or Tablet to the Range Extender

a. Connect the protected high obtain antenna via screwing it into the antenna connector.
b. Plug the Range Extender into an reachable strength outlet.
c. Connect your PC or Tablet to the Range Extender’s Wi-Fi network: Amped_REC10


  • Open your Web Browser to Access the Setup Wizard
  • Open your net browser.
  • Type into the internet tackle bar
  • If the net menu fails to open, kind in the
  • following IP tackle into your internet address
  • Disconnect your PC from all Wi-Fi networks
  • Attach an Ethernet cable between the PC and the Range Extender
  • Open your internet browser and go to again.


Welcome to the Dashboard

The Dashboard will supply you with the modern status
of the Range Extender.
Click SCAN to discover an reachable community to extend.
The design on this web page shows the phrases used to
The community you are making an attempt to lengthen (Home
The community that is rebroadcasted and extended (Extended Network).
Study this design cautiously as the phrases used in the following guidelines will refer to these names.


  • Scan for a Home Network to Extend
  • Highlight and pick the Wi-Fi community that you desire to
  • extend and click on Next to continue. Check that your WiFi Network has a sign electricity of 70% or greater.
  • If you fail to locate any Wi-Fi networks, or your signal
  • strength is beneath 70%, the Range Extender may also be
  • placed too a ways from the Wi-Fi community that you are
  • trying to extend. Move your Range Extender nearer to
  • the Wi-Fi community that you are making an attempt to prolong and
  • click RESCAN.

The Scan consequences web page will show facts concerning the title of the community (SSID), the channel which the Wi-Fi community is running on and the protection kind of network. The effects web page will additionally show what the signal electricity is coming from every precise community detected.


  • Connecting to a Secure Network
  • If the Wi-Fi community you are attempting to prolong has Wi-Fi
  • security enabled, you will be brought about to enter a
  • security key. If you did not choose a invulnerable network,
  • you will no longer see this page.
  • Enter the protection key in the area provided. You do
  • not want to choose what kind of protection it is, just
  • simply kind in the key and click on Next.
  • The Wizard will robotically observe your home
  • network’s protection settings. If you do no longer be aware of the key
  • to the community you are attempting to extend, then click on Back and choose every other network.
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